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Microsoft is about to bring back Mica Acrylic effect to the Edge browser

Some time ago, the beauty of Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 waned as its developers disabled the Mica Acrylic effect in the user interface. However, this may change in the near future. Canary builds of the browser sport a different enhanced style of the browser that fills the document area and its panes with the cool effect.

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Microsoft is experimenting with the Close tab button in Edge

To create a better user experience, Microsoft is still experimenting with the Close Tab button position for vertical tabs. Currently, it appears on right for both horizontal and vertical tabs. But for some Canary insiders, it now appears on the left in vertical tabs mode. Also, it may remain always visible when the tab pane is unpinned. Continue reading

Microsoft Edge is getting an option to turn off the Bing button

Starting in Edge 111, the stable version of the browser sports a new Bing button in the sidebar. In pre-release versions of Edge it appears in the toolbar instead of the sidebar, and replaces the menu button by shifting to the left, so even if you hide the sidebar, it remains visible! As of now, Edge stable doesn't offer any option to get rid of the bing icon, but this will change in May. Continue reading

Microsoft introduces a new Video Super Resolution feature in Edge

On February 27, Microsoft Edge has got a new flag in Canary, edge://flags #edge-video-super-resolution. As followed from its description, it allows the browser to enhance the image for low resolution videos. However, it was not clear on what devices and how it will work. Microsoft has finally announced the feature officially and provided its hardware requirements. Continue reading

How to Enable the Drop feature in Microsoft Edge

Edge 110 is the first stable version of the browser to feature Drop, an easy to use integrated sharing service. It is something like "Saved messages" in your Telegram app, as it shares files only with you. Drop opens a panel where you can compose a note or add a file that will be shared across your devices. Obviously that you have to use Edge with a Microsoft Account on all those devices. It also uses OneDrive to store the files and notes. Drop supports both desktop and mobile devices. Continue reading