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Microsoft Edge is getting customizable Super-Duper Secure Mode

Microsoft Edge has a built-in tracking protection system that helps you retain a bit of your privacy. It is a customizable feature with three different levels with their benefits and downsides. Soon, Microsoft will offer you another security-related feature you can customize: Super-Duper Secure Mode (SSDM). The latest updates to Microsoft Edge Canary brought the ability to select between balanced and strict modes for SSDM. Continue reading

Capture Long Screenshot in Microsoft Edge on Android (full page)

Microsoft Edge for Android now allows you to capture a long screenshot of a full page. Not so long ago, Microsoft Edge Canary for Android received a nifty built-in utility for web page screenshots. At the time of writing, that tool could not offer much. However, Microsoft did a number of improvements, so now you can capture long screenshots with a couple of taps. Continue reading

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Task Manager in Windows 11 now shows in detail how Edge uses resources

In a post on the official Windows Blogs website, Microsoft announced major changes in how the Edge browser reports its resource usage in Task Manager. Those improvements will help users better understand the browser's behavior and quickly detect tabs that consume too much RAM or CPU. No more closing pages blindly to spot the problematic component.

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Collections in Microsoft Edge now support various citations

After killing Reading List in the Edge Legacy (Microsoft stopped supporting the browser in March 2021), Microsoft puts a lot of effort into improving the Collections feature. Collections allow you to store various web pages, notes, images, pins from Pinterest, and other content in customizable sets, which you can also export to other apps. Continue reading

Microsoft has fixed Pen issues in the Edge browser

Earlier this month, Microsoft Edge users started reporting issues using digital pens (styluses like Surface Pen or similar) in the browser. The official Microsoft Edge Dev account confirmed the problem and notified users that the necessary patches are already available in the Canary and Beta channels. A few days later, Microsoft started rolling out the bug fix for all users in the stable channel. Continue reading

Microsoft Editor is now built-in into the Edge browser

Microsoft Word and Outlook have a built-in extension for advanced spelling and grammar correction called "Microsoft Editor." Those not using Office apps and not paying for the Microsoft 365 subscription can still use Microsoft Editor in their browser: the company offers the Microsoft Editor extension for Chromium-based browsers, such as Edge or Chromium. Continue reading