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AMD: Ryzen’s fTPM stuttering Issues will be fixed with May BIOS updates

AMD issued an announcement regarding the now-long standing issue with stuttering on Ryzen devices with fTPM. The company said it has successfully fixed it and shipped the update to motherboard vendors. But don't expect it to become available right now. The new firmware will be tested for around a month internally and then will see the light somewhere in May 2022. The company also offers a right-now solution for whose who depends on TPM features.

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You will soon be able to customize the Share button on Xbox controllers

Microsoft is working on several quality-of-life improvements for Xbox Wireless Controller owners. Soon, second-gen Xbox One gamepads will receive a new firmware that enables multi-device support, allowing users to switch between Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth devices without re-pairing gamepads. In addition to multi-device support, another new feature coming soon is an option to remap the Share button. Continue reading

Here are some more details about HoloLens 3 and Microsoft+Samsung partnership

Business Insider has shared some new details about HoloLens 3 and Microsoft and Samsung partnership. The new post reveals the code name Calypso used for the device. Although Microsoft has denied this information, the new post claims that the device has been phased out in 2021. Employees who worked on the project were transferred to other teams or left Microsoft. Continue reading