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November 2021 firmware update is available for Surface Duo 2

Earlier this month, Microsoft released November 2021 firmware update for the first-gen Surface Duo. As with many previous updates, this month's release contained nothing but general Android security patches without device-specific improvements or bug fixes. Now the same update is available for the second-gen Surface Duo, released in September 2021. And "the same" means literally the same—only Android security updates. Continue reading

Microsoft stopped supporting several Surface computers released from 2015 to 2017

All new Surface computers get four years of active support. During those four years, Microsoft releases new drivers and firmware updates with various improvements, fixes, and security patches. This month, Microsoft stopped supporting a bunch of Surface computers released from 2015 to 2017. Some of those Surface computers ended their lifecycles with more than six years of support. Continue reading

Intel removed DX12 support from fourth-gen CPUs to fix a security issue

In a somewhat radical move, Intel decided to purge the DirectX 12 support from old Haswell-based processors. Beginning with the driver, integrated graphics in fourth-gen Intel CPUs no longer work with the latest graphics APIs from Microsoft. The chipmaker says they had to remove the DirectX 12 support to fix a security issue. Continue reading