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Chrome now allows you to reorder tabs with keyboard shortcuts

Linux users are able to change the order of tabs in Google Chrome for several years. Recently, Chrome devs added the same capability to the macOS version of the browser. But on Windows this option was totally missing. You could switch between tabs in Chrome for Windows using the keyboard, but couldn't reorder them. This has finally changed, and the change is already live in Chrome Canary.

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Chrome will soon let you add notes to passwords

For an average user, built-in password managers in modern browsers are more than enough to keep logins safe. Google, Microsoft, and other developers constantly improve their password managers with new capabilities, such as breach checks, cross-device sync, etc. Google recently allowed adding passwords to Chrome manually, and the company will soon let you add more information to passwords stored in Chrome. Continue reading

Google Chrome will soon get a toolbar button for downloads, handwriting API, and more

Google is testing a number of improvements to its world's most popular web browser. In the current stable Chrome version, the Downloads option is buried in the main menu. To open it faster, it only offers you the Ctrl + J shortcut. Google wants to save you a couple of clicks by adding a new toolbar button. Continue reading

Google wants to make the tab mute button easier to discover

Google is working on bringing a tab mute button to its browser, similar to how Microsoft Edge allows its users to disable the sound on a web page by clicking a speaker button on the tab strip. Currently, the mute button is available behind an experimental flag in the Canary channel, which is off by default. Google wants to improve feature discoverability in Chrome by adding a special banner. It will let users know that they can mute a tab with a single click. Continue reading