Here’s how to disable side search feature in Chrome 107

With Chrome 107, Google added a new feature to the browser. Similar to Edge, it now allows redirecting its search to the sidebar. With one click you can move search results out of the tab to the panel on the right. Google says it will allow anyone to compare search results, or keep them always visible while you are browsing the sites it found for you.

Google released Chrome 107, will soon drop Windows 8.1 and 7 support

Google Chrome 107 is now available in the stable branch. It's a major release that adds support for Encrypted Client Hello, hardware accelerated HEVC, a new UI for downloads, password import/export to a file, and more. Besides, Google revealed their plans regarding support two legacy Windows versions, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, in the browser.

Memory Saver in Google Chrome will get a toolbar button that opens extra details

For quite a while, Google is working on a built-in performance analyzer tool for Chrome. It can be found in Settings of Chrome Canary by clicking the Performance tab. There, you will find a few tools that will help you check and improve Chrome's resource consumption. Memory Saver is one of them, and it can be opened directly with recent changes.

Google delays Manifest V3 again so ad blockers can live a little longer

Google again changes how the infamous Manifest V3 will reach Chrome users. It gives developers one more year for using Manifest V2-based add-ons, including ad blockers. The latter heavily depend on features that were removed from the latest Manifest, making content filtering less effective.

Microsoft Edge now allows you to reorder tabs using keyboard

Recently, Google added an improvement to its Chrome browser that finally allows the user to re-arrange tabs using keyboard only. This option has been available for Linux and macOS users for several years. Microsoft now follows the suit, so Edge allows you to reorder the tabs using the keyboard shortcuts.