Chrome 114 is out with an updated Password Manager and Side panel

Google Chrome 114 is available in the stable branch with several user interface changes. Its password manager is now a PWA that can have its own desktop shortcut, and comes with several improvements. The side panel allows managing bookmarks with advanced sorting and filters.

Google Chrome’s sidebar now includes options for customizing its look

The latest update for Google Chrome is great news for users who want to customize their browser's appearance. With the new update, users can tweak up the browser's look, and especially the new tab page, using the side panel. It now hosts a dedicated category with gorgeous themes and styles.

Google Chrome replaces the “Lock” icon in the address bar with a “Tune” one

The Chromium project has announced an update regarding the lock icon, which is used to indicate a secure connection in web browsers. Starting in Chrome 117, which releases in early September 2023, the lock icon will no longer be displayed in the address bar of Chrome and other Chromium browsers. Instead, it will show a new "Tune" icon.

Chrome 113 will have WebGPU support

Google has announced support for WebGPU and the WebGPU Shading Language (WGSL) in the Chrome 113. It will hit the stable branch on May 2, 2023. This move will bring WebGPU one step closer to being a widely accepted technology that developers can use to create high-performance graphics and compute applications on the web.

Chrome 111 is out, makes possible to open any website in PiP mode

Google has released the Chrome 111 web browser. The key changes in this release are an updated UI of Privacy Sandbox, a new data sync welcome page, and improvements to the updater. It also adds experimental Document Picture in Picture APIs to open traditional HTML content in picture-in-picture mode, not just video.

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