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Firefox 111 is out with email input mask support in Firefox Relay

Firefox 111 stable is out with several improvements. It is a minor release so it doesn’t bring with it drastic changes. On Desktop, you will find input mask support for temporary email addresses in Firefox Relay. On Android, Firefox 111 includes a built-in PDF viewer. There are also plenty of changes for developers. Besides, it includes fixes for 20 vulnerabilities, with 14 of them having high impact. Continue reading

Cloudflare: Firefox has 5.9% share on the browser market

According to Cloudflare Radar, Firefox's share rose to 5.9%, showing an increase of 0.1% in the last 7 days and 0.11% in a month. The share of Chrome is 30.3%, Chrome Mobile - 26.7%, Mobile Safari - 11.1%, Chrome Mobile Webview - 6.1%, Edge - 4.7%, Facebook - 3.4%, Safari - 3.4%. These values are much different from Statcounter, which currently shows Firefox's share is declining to 3%. Continue reading

Firefox 109.0.1 fixes Font Rendering you may have started to hate

Mozilla Firefox has got an update to version 109.0.1. It comes with several fixes for the browser on several platforms, including Windows and Mac. For the Windows version of Firefox, developers have restored pre-Firefox 109 font rendering. The new DirectWrite method introduced in Firefox 109 made fonts look much thicker. Firefox 109.0.1 restores them back to normal.: :

Continue reading

Firefox 109 released with Manifest V3 support, Firefox View improvements, and more

The Mozilla team has released the Firefox 109 web browser, along with a long-term branch update to version 102.7.0. Firefox 110 enters Beta, and is scheduled for release on February 14. Firefox 109 is notable for supporting the third version of the Chrome add-on manifest, a refined look of the Firefox View page, and more. Also, it drops Colorways from themes. Continue reading