Windows Blue version 6.3.9364 has leaked on the internet

Windows Blue winver

It finally happened - today, on the 57th birthday of Steve Ballmer - the major update to Windows 8, "Windows Blue" has leaked on the internet. The leaked ISO is the installation image for 32-bit systems. The system includes numerous changes related primarily to Modern UI and Modern Apps in the OS.

The file name of the leaked image is 9364.0.FBL_PARTNER_OUT13.130315-2105_X86FRE_CLIENT. As is obvious from the build tag, it was compiled on March 15, 2013 and has been designed exclusively for Microsoft's partners. The size of the ISO image is 2.63 GB.

The main changes are as follows:

  • It is possible to snap/arrange two Modern-applications side by side at 50/50% ratio,
  • Several new bundled Modern Apps (such as alarm clock, calculator, and sound recorder),
  • Two versions of live tiles - small (as present in Windows Phone 8) and large rectangular ones (occupying two rows),
  • Extended personalization settings
  • The ability to backup the settings of the working environment to SkyDrive.

Also 'PC Settings' have been updated, featuring new options which allow a hierarchical way of navigation between Modern apps.

There are some changes to the Charms Bar:

  • The "Devices" charm now has an option for Play To,
  • You can now share a screenshot of the running application via the "Share" charm.

The leaked build lacks access to the Windows Store, and it is not possible to activate it. We do not recommend our readers to download it.

We will publish more information about the changes in 'Windows Blue' as more details come to light, so stay tuned. You may be interested in some screenshots below:

The kernel version is 6.3:

Windows Blue kernel

Windows BLue watermark

New tile sizes:

Windows Blue tiles

New Modern apps:

Windows BLue alarm clock


Windows Blue calc

Windows Blue recording

Updated "PC Settings"app, it now appears as a standalone application in search results:

Windows Blue personalization

Windwos Blue personalization

Two Modern apps snapped to the screen (up to 3, for resolutions above 1680x1050, and up to 4, with a screen resolution of 2560x1600):

Windows Blue "split" improvements

A list of some more interesting changes:

- New animations
- Sort function for Apps
- Internet Explorer 11
- The "snap" feature now works even at 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Windows Blue version 6.3.9364 has leaked on the internet

  1. Alexus

    Awesome tutorial!
    Looking forward to it

  2. Joshua Fountain

    We need a resource link to try it out on a virtual machine. We would like to experiment on it if you don’t mind providing this for us or creating a .torrent.

  3. john lee chong

    Does it have the “Windows Blue” label on it? By color, it looks like Windows Navy.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      it is just code name for updates “wave”.

  4. Sekolah Tinggi Kedinasan

    still need to wait,
    Im no longer use win 8.

  5. sam

    the build number for kernel i have read in askvg,,it’s

  6. Saneeto

    Damn! it expires on my birthday!!

  7. Saneeto

    well guess wha?? it expires on my birthday!
    Win. Seven Forever. xD


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