Windows 10 Will Allow Renaming Virtual Desktops, Getting New Cortana UI, and more

Several hours ago Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 18922 from the 20H1 branch to Insiders in the Fast Ring. The official announcement highlights only minor changes in this build. However, enthusiasts have discovered a couple of interesting hidden features.

The first feature allows renaming a Virtual Desktop. This is a long awaited feature by many users. As of now, desktops are simply named "Desktop 1", "Desktop 2", and so on. Soon you will be able to assign a meaningful name to each one of them.

Windows 10 Rename Virtual Desktop

Users running Windows 10 build 18922 can activate this hidden feature using mach2 as follows.

mach2 enable 19412047


Another major and interesting change is the new user interface of Cortana. Here are some screenshots:

Windows 10 New Cortana 1

Windows 10 New Cortana 3 Windows 10 New Cortana 2

Windows 10 New Cortana 4

According to the researcher, the new Cortana isn't entirely Win32. However, it isn't entirely WinRT/"UWP" either. It is a mixture of both platforms.

Interested users can enable this new UI in Windows 10 build 18922 using mach2 by running the following two commands.

mach2 enable 19263623
mach2 enable 17983783

After enabling these hidden features, press Win + R and type ms-cortana2: into the Run box. Hit the Enter key to open the new Cortana UI.

Snip and Sketch

Finally, the Snip and Sketch app is getting a few improvements such as draggable screencap, along with fancy animations.

The updated Snip & Sketch experience can be enabled with mach2 as follows:


mach2 enable 19061946


mach2 enable 20684469

Also, there are bits of Undocked Shell, a new upcoming feature of Windows 10 that will allow Microsoft to update the Windows shell (e.g. Desktop, Taskbar, Settings) separately from huge feature updates. There's now a Shell Update Agent, which is meant to update the Shell on demand. It is possible to enable it with the following command.


mach2 enable 20684470

Then the Snip and Sketch app will show an overlay text (see the screenshot below).

Snip Sketch Text Overlay Undocked Shell

The OS includes a new system app "User Experience Inbox" which implements the bits of the Undocked Shell feature.

Undocked Shell User Experience Inbox

Source: Albacore

2 thoughts on “Windows 10 Will Allow Renaming Virtual Desktops, Getting New Cortana UI, and more

  1. Kay

    The intent to rename Virtual Desktops won’t take, once you fill in the name and press Enter, the name reverts back to Desktop 1…

    The ‘Cortana 2’ works but disables the original Cortana with no voice activation, however, if you disable it again with Mach2, they will both work side by side!

    The Snip & Sketch thing seems to work okay.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Must be not implemented properly yet


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