Windows 10 build 10122 has a new user account image

Back in Windows 8, Microsoft added a new default image to be used for all user accounts which don't have an image personalized by you. In Windows 10 build 10122, Microsoft has a new default user account image again. Also, Windows 10 shows account images in the circular shape, not square if you have noticed.

Here is how the default user image looks in early Windows 10 builds, and in Windows 8 as well:
old account pic
You must be familiar with it already.

However, if you installed Windows 10 build 10122, it uses the following image instead:

I think it is too simplistic. The user symbol on the avatar is drawn with just plain lines! It is minimalistic compared to even the flat user avatar used in Windows 8. Microsoft thinks this is the new trend in design - overly simple and minimalistic.

new account pic
What do you think about the new default user picture in Windows 10? Do you like it or would you like to see some other user picture in the final version?

4 thoughts on “Windows 10 build 10122 has a new user account image

  1. throkr

    I’ll just use my own avatar pictures, as up to now ….. ;-)

  2. MDJ

    It‘s missing just a few things:

    1. MDJ

      1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

        hahaha, nice


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