Windows 10 19H1 may bring call mirroring

The next feature update to Windows 10, currently known as '19H1', may get a new built-in app  that will allow mirroring calls. Windows 10 already comes with the Your Phone app that allows the user to send and receive texts, and interact with photos from your gallery. The app may be its successor.

Windows Build 17755 Your Phone

According to a report from Aggiornamenti Lumia, the app is called Windows.CallingShellApp. It is hidden and not directly accessible in Insider Preview builds. The study done by Aggiornamenti Lumia shows that the app includes strings like:

  • "Fold the device over to return to call"
  • "Transferred"
  • "Could not transfer"
  • "Show in-call options"
  • "Connect to Wi-Fi to do things that require an internet connection"
  • "You're almost out of WLAN range",
  • and so on.

Since it is a work-in-progress, we may expect Microsoft to make the app available to Insiders sooner or later. It is not clear which features and options it will have exactly.

In Windows 10, you can pair your device with a smartphone running Android or iOS thanks to the Your Phone app.  You can get instant access to your Android’s most recent photos on your PC. Drag and drop that photo from your phone to your PC. Copy, edit, or ink on that photo, right from your PC. Android 7.0+ devices are compatible with the Your Phone app. So, the ability to mirror calls is the missing functionality that many users would like to see in the Your Phone app. The new app might fulfill this need.

Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia, Neowin

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