Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP) Released a Preview Version

You may be familiar with Darren Owen's (@The_DoctorO) Winamp Community Update Pack project (WACUP). The project released their first preview version of the app. It is the classic Winamp 5.666 on steroids.

The goal of the Winamp Community Update Pack project is to provide bug fixes, updates to existing features and most importantly new features to the stable version of Winamp (5.666 as of this writing).

The released preview version comes with an installer that supports portable installation mode. It can be used to upgrade your existing Winamp installation. However, it is recommended to install WACUP into a separate directory to avoid any possible issue. The installer is not digitally signed, so you may see a Windows Smart Screen warning.

Winamp Wacup 1 Winamp Wacup 2 Winamp Wacup 3 Winamp Wacup 4 Winamp Wacup 5

In addition to the classic skins, there a new Big Bento Modern skin.

Winamp Wacup 6 Winamp Wacup 7

The update brings tons of interesting additions to the features you can find in Winamp 5.666. Here are just a few of them.

  • Handling of many popular streaming services, including SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Mixcloud, and more.
  • Added support for podcasts
  • Many fixes and improvements to plugins.
  • Many new plugins.
  • Faster startup and shutdown speed.

With a newly added features, you will be able to share your Now Playing status to a variety of social networks like Discord or Twitter. Also, the app now supports tracker file formats.

See the full change log HERE.

The project is maintained by Darren Owen, who is a former Nullsoft developer. The changes he has made are just impressive. Due the great number of new features, it will take quite a long time to discover and try all the changes and improvements in the app.

Note: In this preview release, the file associations feature is disabled, and the installer forces the install to not make use of the Registry to prevent issues until the new code is enabled. The CD ripping feature is not available, since the appropriate plugin is not finished yet.


Winamp Community Update Pack project is not the official release. Winamp is currently owned by Radionomy. The latest official version of Winamp is 5.8 Beta. According to Radionomy, they are working to introduce a new Winamp version in 2019. The released beta version doesn't come with any significant change, features mostly bugfixes and compatibility improvements. You can read about it here: Winamp 5.8 Beta is officially released.

3 thoughts on “Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP) Released a Preview Version

  1. Abdel-Rezak KHALDI

    I download this beta from the Winamp Community Update Pack project, but after scan it with V.T this is what A.V says: fab2e59262cf56ddf4d7d74499bb980d5ac6d6568b17d57facf6916a3a1bf6aa (this is a hash of the installer of WACUP-preview), there is somthing bad in it . I hope they will realise a clean installer for WinAMP because I love it so much, but I don’t want infect my P.C . Thank you

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      I think it is a false positive. In any case, you can contact the author.

  2. Phil

    i fucken love you! i love Winamp!


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