What’s new in Firefox 54

A new version of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser is out. Version 54 features Screenshots, Mobile bookmarks, a refined user interface for downloads and multiprocess content processes.

Firefox 54 Starting with version 54, the multiprocess content feature (e10s) is enabled by default. This improves the reliability of Firefox, because if one tab crashes, the other will continue working. Besides the main process, which handles the user interface, Firefox 54 starts up to 4 processes for content. The user can configure the number of process by visiting about:config and setting the variable dom.ipc.processCount.

Firefox 54 comes with a refined user interface for downloads which now shows extra details in the download panel. The appearance of the download button and the download status panel is also updated.

A new section was added to the bookmarks menu and on the bookmarks panel. It is called "Mobile Bookmarks". It stores a list of bookmarks which were synced with mobile devices.

Firefox Screenshots is a new system add-on. It allows you to capture a screenshot of the opened web page and quickly share it with your friends. The screenshot can be uploaded online and shared over Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We have reviewed this feature in detail here: Firefox Is Getting The Screenshots Feature.

The server-side software of Firefox Screenshots is open source. Interested users can install it on their own hardware.

Besides these changes, there are lots of security issues which were resolved and tons of improvements were added to developer tools.

You can learn about all the smaller changes in the full change log at the official announcement page.

If you already have Firefox installed, you can press the Alt key on the keyboard to show the menu and select Help - About. This will make Firefox check for updates and download the new version. Otherwise the browser can be downloaded from Mozilla's server using the following link:

Download Firefox

7 thoughts on “What’s new in Firefox 54

  1. Ian Bicking

    The Screenshots feature will actually be in Firefox 55, not Firefox 54.

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  2. Juraj M.

    Finally my Group Speed Dial will be able to override the “New tab” page! Good job Mozilla!


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  3. OMC

    Some addons (like uBlock Origin) still disable multiprocess feature.

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    1. MDJ

      Yep, mine never opened multiple processes too. I remember that in some kind of about page there was some info explaining why e10s isn’t enabled for me, it probably is one of the add-on’s fault. Anyway, I don’t care about this feature, I still cringe when I remember how about two years ago Chrome was lagging the hell out of my old 4 GB RAM PC with multiple tabs opened.

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  4. Rick Grunwald

    It is S-L-O-W. Chrome runs faster with normal priority than Firefox does with above normal priority
    Chrome is working on less and less sites correctly and I would change but the degradation of performance is below what one should have to tolerate. It slows down and 8 core system with 32 MB of ram. I have both Chrome and FIrefox set to the highest priority for bandwidth and system handles are maxed so … Firefox seems to be the problem

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  5. Yoshua

    Maybe you can test PCXFirefox. Its must faster and ublock is available so as all other addon’s that Firefox blocked.

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    1. Abhishek Kumar

      I tried it. It is MUCH faster at starting up and general responsiveness, smoother scrolling etc vs official Firefox. Thank you!!

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