Vivaldi 1.11: Reader Mode with new options

Once Vivaldi 1.10 was released to the stable branch, the next version of the browser reached the developer branch. A new snapshot of the upcoming version 1.11, introduces a number of improvements for the Reader mode. Let's review them.

Reader Mode simplifies web pages by removing most of the clutter. It strips out unnecessary elements from the opened web page, reflows the text and turns it into a cleaner looking text document without ads, menus and scripts, so the user can focus on reading the text content.

This is the normal page appearance:

Vivaldi Default Page View

The same page opened in Reader mode:

Vivaldi Reader Mode Page View

All the new options of reader mode are accessible via a special flyout. Click the reader mode icon above the settings gear icon in the sidebar on the left to open it.

Vivaldi Reader Mode Settings Button

There, you can customize the font options. See the following screenshot:

Vivaldi Reader Mode Font Settings

You can also switch between dark and light themes.

Vivaldi Reader Mode Theme Settings

To try out these settings, you need to install snapshot 1.10.867.3 of the Vivaldi browser. You can download it using the following links:

Download Vivaldi 1.10.867.3

3 thoughts on “Vivaldi 1.11: Reader Mode with new options

  1. Jozsef

    I can actually imagine using that. Thank you for explaining it so clearly. :)

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  2. Whatever

    Unusable browser, blurred fonts on start page. The “fixes” lurking around the internet are not possible because those options were removed from Crapvaldi.

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    1. Abhishek Kumar

      Which options were removed?
      I have no issues with fonts here.

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