Vivaldi browser features delta updates

The Vivaldi development team today announced a nice new feature in their innovative browser. Vivaldi is getting a "delta" update system on Windows to save your bandwidth and speed up the upgrade procedure.

Today's snapshot, Vivaldi 1.5.627.3, already utilizes the new update system. If you have installed the previous development version, which is 1.5.626.8, then when you update the browser, only the changes between the two builds will be downloaded.

Delta updates will allow you to download far less data when upgrading to a new build. According to Vivaldi developers, the update size for current releases will not be more than the size of data that can fit on a floppy disk, meaning the data downloaded will be smaller than 1.5 megabytes.

This improvement is really great. Users who are on a limited data plan will finally be able to update their software without waiting for a faster Internet connection, even if they are roaming. Other users with slower broadband connection can also save their time when they need to upgrade the browser.

Vivaldi developers are looking for ways to implement the same feature on Mac and Linux. As of this writing, delta updates are implemented only for Windows.

If you want to see the update procedure in action, you can do the following.

1. Download the previous build from here:

2. On Windows, let it download the latest build automatically and see the difference!

You might be interested in reading the official announcement here.

On Windows, Google Chrome already uses delta updates.

What do you think of this feature addition to Vivaldi?

One thought on “Vivaldi browser features delta updates

  1. Sanya

    I just got the first “delta” update. And sure the download was quick as hell…. Shame the installation time for that delta update was longer than both the download and installation time together of the previous system.. I hope it was either a fluke or that it gets resolved.

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