Vivaldi 1.14: Notes Formatting

A new developer snapshot of the most innovative web browser Vivaldi is out today. The snapshot 1.14.1077.25 represents the upcoming app version 1.14 and introduces a new feature – notes formatting.

The browser now comes with formatting options via Markdown.

The official announcement says the following:

Markdown is a very natural and intuitive way of applying formatting and is already in wide usage on a range of sites including GitHub, Stack Overflow, the Vivaldi forums (and many more).

Not only does this new addition makes Notes much more readable and interesting, it means they can now be used to preview Markdown prior to using it on any site or service. This includes your comments below! And as you would expect for any system that supports Markdown, we also allow a (limited) range of HTML tags to be rendered. In fact, since I always write my blog posts in HTML directly, today I am writing this very text in a Note right now and using preview to see how it will look for you all!

See the following screenshot:

Notes Markdown 2

Vivaldi 1.14 will be the first stable version with Markdown support.

Also, Chromium is updated to 64.0.3282.121 in this version.

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