Skype Insider Preview Mood Message Improvements

Microsoft released yet another update to the Skype Insider Preview app. Skype is out for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. It features a number of improvements made to the mood messages.

Skype Preview 1

The new Skype Preview app has a very streamlined user interface. It follows the modern trend of flat minimalist design with glyph icons and no borders anywhere. This design is being used in all other Microsoft products.

The official change log features the following updates.

In the Insider build, you can now pick a mood message from a pre-defined list of messages. You can also define your own by selecting an appropriate emoticon for your mood message.

When you select a mood message from the list or define your own, the associated emoticon will be visible next to your name in your contact's Recent chats and Contacts tab.

So, the next time you are traveling, out to lunch or working from home, pick the mood message that fits best to instantly inform your contacts!

Skype Mood Messages

You can download the Skype Insider Preview app from here:

Download Skype Insider Preview

Source: Skype Forums.

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