Skype 1.7 Alpha is out for Linux

A new version of Skype Alpha for Linux was released today by Microsoft.  It is a completely redesigned software which has nothing common with the previously available Skype 4.3. The application is in an early development stage and it lacks some basic features like video calling or screen sharing.


The latest release as of this writing is Skype 1.7. It comes with the following list of changes:

  • Fixed standard behaviour of unread messages – when opening chat with unread messages, the view will focus on the first unread message. As you scroll, messages will be marked as read.
  • New grid layout of the group calls.
  • Fix for application reconnect after it was suspended for longer time.

The new Skype for Linux supports only the latest version of the Skype protocol. Due to this limitation, the application is not able to communicate with users who are using Skype for Linux It is able to receive messages and calls only from recent versions of Skype for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

To give it a try, do the following.

  1. Point your browser here: Skype for Linux Alpha
  2. Download and install the appropriate package. Skype installing
  3. Open the apps menu and run it from there. Skype installed

Skype started The good news is that you can install this new version alongside with the stable one and switch between them when required.

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