Secret changes in Windows 10 build 14942

The recently released Windows 10 build 14942, which is currently available for Insiders of the Fast Ring, comes with a number of new features which were not officially announced. Let's take a look at some of the new features.

Windows 10 build 14942 includes a number of changes to core features and comes with updated Universal apps.

Windows Holographic Shell

Windows 10 build 14942 comes with a new app, HoloShell. Windows Holographic is the platform that adds mixed reality experiences available on Microsoft HoloLens. It offers a holographic shell and an interaction model, perception APIs, and Xbox Live services.

14942-holoshellMicrosoft Edge

In Windows 10 build 14942, the Microsoft Edge browser got the following changes:

  • New flag: Ongoing work to add support for WebRTC 1.0
  • New flag: Ongoing work to add support for Service Worker
  • Enabled H.264/AVC support by default for RTC scenarios
  • Improved ES6 Modules debugging experience in F12 Developer Tools
  • Various webpage performance improvements
  • Refactoring network logic in terms of Fetch algorithms in preparation for Service Worker Fetch interception (behind a flag)
  • Ongoing work to add support for CSS Custom Properties
  • Ongoing work to add support for CSP 2.0

In addition, it got a new mouse event called Disable navigator.pointerEnabled API:

14942-edge-mouse-events-for-touchThe Fetch Networking category got two new flags:

  • Enable CSS Downloads over Fetch
  • Enable Media Downloads over Fetch.

The following flags were removed in Edge:

  • Only execute timers once per second in nonvisible tabs to improve battery life in the JavaScript category.
  • Use legacy setInterval behaviour in the JavaScript category.
  • Enable experimental H.264/AVC support in the WebRTC category

A new category "Web Authentication" was added. It has only one flag named "Enable Web Authentication APIs for accessing scoped credentials".

14942-edge-fetch-networking-and-web-authenticationSystem apps

Windows 10 build 14942 comes with the following changes in system apps.

  • Windows Holographic First Run was removed
  • DesktopView was added14942-desktopview
  • File Picker was added14942-filepicker
  • Holograms was added14942-holograms
  • HolographicViewer was added14942-holographicviewer

Credits for these findings go to Inside Windows.

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