Opera has got Instant Search, Flow, and a new mobile app version

The team behind the popular Opera browser have released a new desktop version of the browser. It has got a new feature, called 'Instant Search'. Also, the company revealed a brand new mobile browser, Opera Touch, which is closely integrated with their desktop app thanks to another new feature, Flow.

Instant Search

To open Instant Search, use Alt + Space keys.This shortcut works on any website. Instant Search opens a search box on top of the web site you are currently on and lets you look up something else. The current web site is dimmed while you are searching for something new. When you’re finished, just close Instant Search and you’ll resume with the web site you were on.

Opera Fast Search

The search overlay supports a few content filters, like "image", "news", "video", etc. The result appears in the Instant Search flyout.

See the following video:

Opera Touch

Opera Touch is a brand new mobile web browser for iOS and Android devices. It is designed to be used with one hand even on devices with a huge screen. It comes with a special FAB feature. FAB stands for the Fast Action Button.

FAB Opera Touch

The button saves your time by providing access to all browser's features instantly. You can see the most recent tabs, open search, share the current page with your friends, - everything with one thumb.

See the following video:


Flow is a new service which unites Opera Touch and the desktop version of the browser. It allows syncing and sharing links, images, and videos between the apps. Everything in Flow is accessible across your devices. The service allows taking and sharing notes.

Flow doesn't require any account to register. Instead, it is using QR codes to pair your devices. You can generate a QR code with Opera on the desktop, and read it with your smartphone.

Download links

Opera Touch is available on the Google Play/Store on your device.

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