Opera 63: Snapshot Feature Improvements

A new developer build of Opera 63 is released today. Version 63.0.3359.0 comes with usability improvements made to the built-in snapshot feature.

Opera 63 adds the following changes.

  • Save page as pdf – this option is now available through a top button
  • Copy and close – this is a bottom button option

Opera 63 Snapshot Feature Improvements

Other changes

  • DNA-63574 Atom 1.0 is not working
  • DNA-77323 Easy setup panel has black stripe on 4k display for some DPI settings and maximised window.
  • DNA-77471 Whitelisted opera.com for built-in Adblocker
  • DNA-78139 [Win/Lin] Gaps around plus button
  • DNA-78497 Crash at opera::AutoupdateBrowserTest::RunLogFileReleasedClosure()
  • DNA-78507 WebNavigationApiTest.TargetBlankIncognito fails
  • DNA-78545 Snapshot Tool – adding text
  • DNA-78575 [Win7] Arrows are not visible
  • DNA-78600 [Settings] Clear browsing data section shifted
  • DNA-78687 Save a site in bookmarks bar as a default setting for new users
  • DNA-78689 Hide Bookmarks Bar once the last bookmark is removed
  • DNA-78704 Use scrollable component for gallery
  • DNA-78705 Show new gallery on Settings page
  • DNA-78708 Show spinner during installation
  • DNA-78713 OpAuto GetCookie crashing brower
  • DNA-78731 Fix risky path handling for downloaded notification data
  • DNA-78755 Fix crashpad unittests and add to chromium_tests target
  • DNA-78873 Can’t access Granblue Fantasy website
  • DNA-78883 Add callback to opr.wallpapersPrivate.select so that WebUI knows when it’s done
  • DNA-78891 UI.Impressions.History.Link stat forgotten on new History page
  • DNA-78910 [Opera News] lack of horizontal scrolling for news categories
  • DNA-78913 Switch the flag on the Developer channel
  • DNA-78934 Handle settings Prefs reset to bring section view to default
  • DNA-78941 Enable speedy on continuous builds
  • DNA-78979 Flags options are cut
  • DNA-78983 columns misaligned in the Manage Search Engines in the opera://settings
  • DNA-79005 Wallpapers section only displays three wallpapers at the start
  • DNA-79011 Browser crash while opening EasySetup in the private mode
  • DNA-79014 Blink when selecting different folders in opera://bookmarks
  • DNA-79023 Selected icon rotating forever
  • DNA-79030 Building master-next and then master causes the wrong toolchain to be used
  • DNA-79034 Selecting new wallpaper from “All wallpapers” duplicates thumbnail

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