Opera 53 is out, here’s what’s new

The final version of Opera 53 was released earlier today. It is a modern web browser with interesting and exclusive features you may or may not like. This release revamps the appearance of tabs and the address bar, and more.

Improvements to Tabs Appearance

Recently, for Mac users, it’s been difficult to find and manage a particular tab when many of them are open. Developers figured out a way to optimize this and make icons of the opened tabs remain visible. The following animations demonstrates the changes in action.

Opera Manytabs Bg

Clicking on a tab will expand it to make it easier to manage.

Opera 53 Expand Multiple Tabs

Finally, the address bar now features some brighter colors.

Opera 53 Brighter Colors

News below Speed Dial

This build introduces the news feature, which can now be seen directly below the Speed Dial. Upon expressing their consent, users will get access to news chosen based on their personal preferences. In the current build, users from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the USA will be able to play around with the feature. Here is how it looks.

Opera 53 News In Speed Dial

Finally, Chromium was updated to version 66.0.3359.139.

Download Opera 53

1 thought on “Opera 53 is out, here’s what’s new

  1. Rick Grunwald

    There used to be the ability on the speed dial page to drag icons into folders and out of an open folder to speed dial
    Sadly they broke this


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