Opera 46 features a refined Reborn UI

The Opera browser has recently got a new, high-quality graphical design that is less platform-specific. Codenamed 'Reborn', the new user interface makes Opera look identical on Windows, Linux and macOS. With version 46, the Reborn user interface got a number of improvements.

Opera 46 Beta

In Opera 46, there are several tweaks, new icons and layout improvements. Here are the important highlights:

  • A new icon for start page customization.Opera 46 New Icon
  • Speed Dial is now dark when wallpapers are disabled and dark theme is enabledOpera 46 Dark Speed Dial
  • ‘View in bookmarks’ button appears in bookmarks pop up if the page has been added already
  • It’s now easier to move a window if multiple tabs are opened on macOS. The clickable area between the new tab plus button and the tab menu button got slightly bigger.
  • Sound notifications are now turned on when the sidebar is unpinned
  • When importing bookmarks, items from the bookmark bar will appear in Opera’s bookmark bar
  • Macbook touchbar users can enjoy an emoji-enabled input field

New Start page backgrounds

Opera 46 New Wallpapers

Opera has teamed up with artists Umberto Daina and Feridun Akgüngör to create a set of new background images. They can be found HERE.

Support for animated PNG

Opera now supports animated PNG, or APNG for short. APNG is a file format that works similarly to GIF. The difference is that APNG is smaller and supports both 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency.

VPN improvements

Opera 46 comes with important fixes for the out-of-memory bug when using the built-in VPN feature and for another nasty crash that might appear during startup.

Try Opera 46

As of this writing, Opera 46 is in the beta stage. It comes with an updated Chromium (59.0.3071.26) and also has enabled expensive background tabs throttling. See the flag: opera://flags/#background-tab-throttling-max-delay-30s.

To try out this version, use the following links:

Source: Opera

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