Opera 45: Reborn UI, Dark Theme and more

As you may already know, the Opera browser is getting a new, graphical design that is less platform-specific. This means Opera will look identical on Windows, Linux and macOS. It features a smaller tab row which looks lighter than the current one in the stable branch.
A new stable version, Opera 45, features a new look with a lot of interesting changes.

The sidebar feature

The sidebar feature, first introduced in an experimental build named "Neon", now available in the stable release of the browser. With Opera 45, you can make it always visible on the left.

Opera 45 Unpin Sidebar

Use the sidebar context menu as shown above.

The sidebar in version 45 comes with a refined icons.




The browser now comes with integration of WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger directly in the left sidebar of the Reborn user interface.

Animated Whatsapp V02

These are web versions of the above-mentioned instant messaging apps, that is, web.whatsapp.com, web.telegram.org and messenger.com. This means you get a very easy way to use these messengers. You can simply log in to the service and start chatting. You can access your conversations directly from the icons visible in the left sidebar.



Block list management for the built-in ad blocker

Opera now automatically reloads a page when you toggle ad blocking for that page. Also, it is possible to control which block lists are loaded. Easylist and EasyPrivacy are turned on by default.

Ad Block Settings

The Manage Lists button will allow you to enable additional lists.

Ad Block Lists

Dark theme

Opera 45 comes with a new dark theme. It looks as follows:

Opera 45 Dark Theme

To enable the dark theme, click the settings button in the top right corner on the Start page and tick the Enable dark theme checkbox.

Opera 45 Enable Dark Theme 1 Opera 45 Enable Dark Theme 2

Alternatively, you can go to Settings - Browser and enable the same option under "User interface" (see the screenshot below).

Opera 45 Enable Dark Theme 3

Other changes

Opera 45 comes with Chromium 58, and there’s a bunch of changes. If you’re interested in the details of what happened under the hood, have a look at the dev.opera.com post.



2 thoughts on “Opera 45: Reborn UI, Dark Theme and more

  1. Sargon

    While I appreciate the Dark Theme, this update seems to have broken “Show system color on top bar” setting.

  2. Anthony

    Appreciate the Dark theme, but it doesn’t apply to the internal Opera pages (Downloads, Settings, Bookmarks, etc)


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