Opera 41 for Windows released, offers up to 86% performance improvements

The final version of Opera 41 was released earlier today. According to the developers, this release brings major performance improvements, especially on browser start up. The team behind this release describes the new startup sequence as a smarter and faster one — you will be able to access it almost immediately, no matter how many tabs you have open.

The tech behind it seems simple at first glance: Opera 41 will load the tabs you used most recently or have pinned first, while others will be loaded with decreased priority.

Of course, this is not the only notable change in the new release. Here's a list of other new features included in it:

  • Longer battery time when video conferencing. The battery saver mode, which was introduced few versions earlier, now can automatically choose the right video codec for the conference session. This means that wherever you're on a call, Opera will now use  hardware-accelerated codecs if they're present in your system, dramatically improving battery life and reducing CPU usage. When there's no hardware accelerated codec to use, Opera will limit the pixel count to reduce the CPU usage anyway.
  • Hardware-accelerated video pop-out. Since the introduction of video pop-out  back in May, Opera was rendering videos in it using software methods. Starting with Opera 41, this process will be now fully hardware-accelerated too.
  • Personalized newsreader improvements. Personal news in Opera 41 will allow users to add news sources even without knowing exact RSS-feed URL. Browser will try to find it by itself, making the process of adding more sources less painful.

There surely are more changes in Opera 41. You can find more about them in the blog post in Opera Desktop Team blog. To download Opera 41 for your PC, just go to the Download section of the official site and select the version you need.

4 thoughts on “Opera 41 for Windows released, offers up to 86% performance improvements

  1. Bob

    I am glad I switched from Chrome to Opera. It is quite excellent and they are steadily adding customizable power user features. The built-in “VPN” (which is a proxy) is quite useful. Also it has customizable keyboard shortcuts. All Chrome extensions that I use (Font Rendering Enhancer, Ghostery, History Trends, Rescroller, Scrollbar Anywhere, uBlock Origin, Video DownloadHelper and YouTube Center) also work with it. The integrated RSS reader and feed detector is very nice, the integrated ad blocker is superb. Battery saver mode is excellent. Themes and customizable New Tab page are fantastic. It’s a very well rounded browser currently.

    1. Rick Grunwald

      I just went back to Chrime.. There was no wayt to get to the equivalent of “about:config” to fine tune anything plus the extensions CSS is broken, has been reported and they won’t ar can’t fix it It works sometimes

      Chrome has it’s issues on some sites but I need a browser that WORKS even though I love the opera interface otherwise

      1. Bob

        What about opera://flags/? It has mostly the same settings that Chrome has.

      2. Toshik

        Actually there is.
        Type Opera:Flags or opera://flags and press enter.


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