Opera 40 brings VPN and improved Battery saving to the stable branch

Today, Opera 40 has reached the stable release channel. The browser finally features the long awaited VPN feature for everyone along with other improvements. Let's see the key new features of this release.

vpn-enabled-popup Opera 40 finally includes the VPN feature for stable branch users. Earlier, it was in Developer/Beta builds. While "VPN" is just a marketing trick, it is not a VPN actually. It is a well implemented one click switch to turn on proxy servers controlled by Opera. Currently they are located in United States, Germany, Canada, Netherlands and Singapore. They are free of charge. Unlike typical free proxies that you find on the web, Opera's servers are fairly reliable and quite fast. This is probably the best feature of this release of Opera.

Opera 40 comes with other interesting improvements. These include:

    • An improved battery saver mode which reports the estimated remaining battery capacity in the user interface. Opera 40 new power saving
    • Chromecast wireless streaming support via the following Extension.
    • Video pop-out now supports more sites and more players.
    • Newsreader now allows the user to add his own RSS feeds.

You might want to read the official announcement about this release HERE.

Download Opera 40 here:

Download Opera Browser

2 thoughts on “Opera 40 brings VPN and improved Battery saving to the stable branch

  1. Toshik

    Opera VPN (proxy) can also be used with other apps too)

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    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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