New weekly Vivaldi build 1.2.470.11 offers editable gestures

After a series of stable releases, the Vivaldi team has released a new weekly build, version 1.2.470.11 which comes with a number of interesting features. One of most unexpected and most awaited features is editable gestures. Let's see what they are.

Mouse gestures

Vivaldi about
The first release of the upcoming Vivaldi 1.2 version finally brought the long awaited ability to customize mouse gestures. Now you can assign the desired gesture to a number of actions available in the browser.
The browser reads custom gestures very accurately and also displays the performed gesture in the status bar! This is really useful.


Another interesting option is the ability to set any URL or a local file as a new tab page. This is possible in Vivaldi out-of-the-box.
Vivaldi new tab page
Vivaldi's developers have continued to improve tab management options. New options can control the tab selection feature:
Vivaldi tab selection options

Multiple selected tabs can now be closed by keyboard shortcuts all at once. Tab selection now intelligently modifies the context menu so you can apply any command to the whole group of tabs as easily as to a single tab.


The new version allows users to ask for confirmation before they open multiple bookmarks. It is possible to specify how many tabs can be opened without confirmation.
Vivaldi bookmarks options
Also, a new option allows you to open bookmarks from the bookmarks sidebar with a single or double click.

Other changes

  • Minimum and maximum page zoom range was expanded to 20% and 500% respectively, and manual entry input was added under the zoom percentage indicator in Status Bar. Vivaldi editable zoom
  • Address field now sports new keyboard shortcuts, Alt+Enter opens the currently edited URL in a new tab and Alt+Shift+Enter in the background.
  • A new Add Bookmark button, updated tree icons and new default document favicon.
  • Catalan localization.

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