Here Are New Compact Themes in Firefox 53

Firefox 53 is getting two new themes. Mozilla has created a couple of "compact" themes which look special and modern.

As of this writing, Firefox 53 is on the Nightly channel. To install it, you need to follow the steps described in the article "Run different Firefox versions simultaneously".

Firefox 53 AboutAs soon as you install Firefox 53, you can check its new themes. Click the hamburger menu button and click the "Customize" item as shown below:

Firefox Customize ItemFirefox Themes Button

There, click the "Themes" button and choose one of the themes.

Firefox List Of Themes

Here is how they look as of this writing.

The default theme:Default Theme

A new theme called "Compact Light":

Compact Light Firefox Theme

Another new theme called "Compact Dark":Compact Dark Firefox Theme

The new themes are just variations of a refined "development" theme which is now split into light and dark color schemes. While these themes will be available out-of-the-box in all channels of Firefox, the current 'Australis' theme will remain enabled by default.

New Firefox themes are intended to fit low resolution screens and save space. Many users like the dark theme of the development version of Firefox, so it was highly requested. Also, after adding these two new themes, classic theme development has been deprecated. Compact themes will be used instead in all editions and versions of the Firefox browser.

6 thoughts on “Here Are New Compact Themes in Firefox 53

  1. MDJ

    Instead of offering slightly differentiating themes they could provide one which doesn’t draw its style on window frames so users who doesn’t use default visual style in Windows 10 wouldn’t have to use custom userChrome.css to alter Firefox’s behavior.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      I agree

    2. Sargon

      I think that Mozilla assumes that most people don’t know and / or don’t bother changing their title bar colors, especially since it was impossible in the original release of Windows 10.

  2. Amfakh

    show me the screenshot of “Pastel gradient”, “Space fantasy” or any other theme those in the recommended section

  3. Henry Robinson

    Wow, Mozilla (sorry, Moz://a) finally does something right! Love the compact themes.

  4. Charles Richards

    MAJOR ISSUE: I use persona switcher, so now I keep getting Compact Dark when I HATE dark themes. I may have to stop using FF if this is the future of this browser. I want options, not the developers opinion of what the browser should be.


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