Microsoft Is Releasing New To Everyone

Microsoft is releasing an updated version of, their mail and calendar service which requires a Microsoft account. This new update adds tabs and other message organization tools, search improvements, and more.

Last year, Microsoft launched the beta to bring you a faster, smarter, and more personalized inbox. After month of testing, Microsoft is now releasing the new Mail experience to all users.

Outlook Email Calendar 1 Outlook Email Calendar 2

They key changes in this update include:

  • Message list: Names are bolded and flagged messages stand out with a yellow background. Added more padding and text treatment to create a clearer visual hierarchy.
  • Message subjects are more prominent in the reading pane and the header now takes up less space, leaving more room for your content.
  • Folder pane: Email messages may be distributed across Favorites, Folders and Groups, special icons make each of them easy to spot.
  • You can now snooze an email so it'll be shown you again at the desired time.
  • Dark mode and colorful themes.
  • A click on the smiley icon opens options to add emojis or GIFs to messages.
  • Calendar: A new search feature allows finding events and contacts across in multiple calendars at once.
  • Calendar: The weekly calendar view now gives more room to the present day and the next one, focusing your attention on important events coming next days.
  • Calendar: An updated New Event dialog allows create meeting reminders with options  for Skype, Teams, or both. You can now join such a meeting directly from the calendar.
  • Outlook Email and Calendar are now integrated with Microsoft To-Do and Planner via Tasks, which can be synced with Microsoft To-Do.

The new experience is on its way to the public in the upcoming weeks.

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