Microsoft Edge has the best battery usage in Windows 10 Creators Update

According to Microsoft's own tests, at least, Edge in Windows 10 Creators Update has the best battery life compared to other popular browsers — Chrome and Firefox. The company had done the same testing earlier, but yesterday Microsoft published an updated video comparison of how long you could use your device using different browsers. The scenario stays the same: all three Surface Books used in this video are configured identically, not plugged in and were running the same OS version, showing the same video content in the browser.


According to the video below, Microsoft Edge lasted 35% longer than Google Chrome and 77% longer than Mozilla Firefox — Edge lasted for a total of 12 hours and 31 minutes compared to 9 hours and 17 minutes for Chrome and 7 hours and 4 minutes for Firefox.

Of course, for the duration of the test, Microsoft disabled some system features to get the best possible battery life from all devices and prevent anything from sabotaging it: for example, the Windows Update service and location tracking was disabled, as well as Bluetooth and ambient light sensors.

All the details of the test can be found on the special GitHub page, where the company has described the hardware specifications of the PCs, their browser versions and the changes made to the OS.

1 thought on “Microsoft Edge has the best battery usage in Windows 10 Creators Update

  1. Sar Kas

    It probably also disabled the additional snooping done in Edge for the purpose of this test.


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