Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” is out

A new version of the most popular Linux distro on Distrowatch, Linux Mint, has been released. The user can download Cinnamon and MATE editions to try out Mint 18.1 "Serena". Let's see what it offers to the end user.

cinnamon As of this writing, only Cinnamon and MATE editions were released.

Key features of Linux Mint 18.1 are as follows.

Cinnamon 3.2

  • You can peek at the desktop by hovering the show-desktop applet
  • The sound applet can now control multiple players and switch between them.
  • The application menu now features full keyboard navigation (and performance improvements)
  • Bumblebee users can right-click any program in the application menu and launch it with optirun by selecting 'Run with NVIDIA GPU'
  • When seeking help, you can upload your system information on the Internet, from the "System Settings" -> "Info" screen.
  • In the Nemo preferences, you can enable an option which goes to the parent folder when you double-click an empty area
  • New screensaver in Cinnamon
  • New menus in Cinnamon
  • Vertical panels

MATE 1.16

  • The notification daemon is switched to GTK3
  • The MATE policykit library is switched to GTK3
  • The session manager is switched to GTK3
  • The MATE terminal is switched to GTK3
  • In the MintMenu application menu, the Google CSE search engine was replaced with DuckDuckGo.
  • Wikipedia searches are now localized and point to the version of Wikipedia in your language.
  • Online search engines can be disabled in the preferences.


  • Improved hardware support
  • New search bar in Xed
  • Monitor blanking in Xplayer
  • Xplayer got full support for dark themes
  • Xviewer with reduced pixelation and aliasing in zoomed pictures.
  • Xreader with HiDPI support
  • Update Manager got a new column is available to show where updates come from and sort them by origin. Kernel updates in the main view are shown with more clarity than before and their version is made more prominent. mintupdate In the kernel window, kernels are now sorted by version and recommendations are given for both the most stable and the most secure kernels. kernels
  • A lot of other improvements to MDM, Software sources and other system components.
  • A new set of Desktop wallpappers is included in Mint 18.1: backgrounds

See the official announcement. There, you'll find download links for ISO images.

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