How to disable Windows 10 from using OneDrive as the default save location

Once you are signed in to Windows 10 using your Microsoft Account, it starts prompting you to use OneDrive cloud storage as the place to save files and documents by default. If you are not happy with such behavior, there is a setting you can change. Let's explore it.

To change the default save location from OneDrive to your local disk in Windows 10, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to System - Storage.
  3. Under "Save location", set all drop down lists to "This PC" as shown below: Windows 10 onedrive default save location

You are done. If you are not going to use OneDrive, you might be interested in reading the following articles:

That's it.

3 thoughts on “How to disable Windows 10 from using OneDrive as the default save location

  1. Christine

    I had a bad experience with OneDrive and poor support, so don’t plan on using them as a syncing mechanism.

    If I disable OneDrive and even uninstall and remove from my PC and file explorer (hopefully)… is it still available at live.onedrive on the web to manually place files there if needed to access remotely on occasion? If I delete any files from the web version, does it affect any files on my PC?

    BUT, I was hoping I could still place files in OneDrive manually to access as needed (such as from my laptop when traveling). If so, do I need to leave it on the PC but “turn off sync” and it will still reside in my explorer?

    Hope you get this and can reply… thanks!

  2. Necia Cardona

    I already set it up that way but it still saves all files to the one drive.

  3. Mike

    This is nothing like the “Settings App” on my Windows 10 Lenovo Yoga laptop … I will need to find another answer on the web which applies to my machine in order to disable OneDrive by default.


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