How to customize the Start list in Windows 10

The new Start Menu in Windows 10 is different compared to the good old Start menus from older releases of Windows. It now combines Live tiles for Modern apps, shows Modern apps in the All apps list and even allows you to resize it. It has a special area called the Start list in the top left corner which allows you to have one or more pinned locations above frequent apps. Here is how to customize the list.

To customize the Start list in the Start menu, you have to use the appropriate option from Taskbar properties. Here's how:

  1. Right click an empty area on the taskbar. You will get a context menu, there you must click the Properties item.
  2. The Taskbar Properties dialog will be opened on the screen.
  3. Switch to the Start Menu tab. There you will find the Customize button.
    the customize button of the start menu in Windows 10
    Click it.
  4. Look at the Pin to Start list item. Using it, you can set which items will always be visible in the top left corner of the new Start menu in Windows 10:
    Pin to Start list
    You can pin the following elements:

    Control Panel
    Default Programs
    PC Settings
    Personal Folder
    This PC

    pinned items of the Start list

Bonus tip: You can pin any item from the list of frequently used apps using drag and drop. Just drag the icon from frequent apps and drop it to the Start list positioning it where you want. It will be pinned immediately.
drag and drop to the Start list
That's it.

2 thoughts on “How to customize the Start list in Windows 10

  1. JG

    the ”Customize” option is gray for me! and I cant click in it!
    What can I do?! thanks!

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Which build you are running?


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