How to batch rename files in Linux Mint

There are several situations when you might want to rename multiple files at once in Linux. One good example of such a scenario is when you are arranging your photo collection. If you need to rename a group of files at once, here is how you can do it in Linux Mint.

If you are using XFCE as your desktop environment in Linux Mint, it comes with an appropriate tool. You can find it in Apps menu -> Accessories > Bulk Rename.
Bulk Rename XFCE4
It provides a very simple user interface, which you can use to rename files and folders.

However, you are running MATE or Cinnamon, which are the default desktop environments of Linux Mint, they come without a bulk rename tool in the file manager.

To fix it, you need to install an additional app called GPRename.

This can be done with a console command or via the Software Manager app.

If you prefer to work with the console, type the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install gprename

Alternatively, open Software Manager from the Apps menu and type the following text in its search box:


Press Enter. It will find the app for you:Bulk Rename MATE Cinnamon

You are done!

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