Firefox 78.0.1 is out with a search engine visibility fix

Shortly after the release of Firefox 78, Mozilla is rolling a minor update to the browser. Numbered 78.0.1, the update delivers a fix to the browser to resolve an issue with visibility of the installed search engines.

Firefox 78.0.1 About

The change log states:

  • Fixed an issue which could cause installed search engines to not be visible when upgrading from a previous release.

The upgrade package size is 7Mb.

My Firefox instance was affected by that bug. However, installing the 78.0.1 didn't automatically fix it. I had to Refresh Firefox after installing it.

The updated Firefox 78.0.1 ESR is also available.

The browser is now available for download from its official web site.

I have reviewed all the changes in Firefox 78 HERE.

2 thoughts on “Firefox 78.0.1 is out with a search engine visibility fix

  1. Zelanium

    I use Firefox since I use the internet. So I’m no hater. But it now happens frequently that they release a crucial fix immediately after rolling out the final. Why did no one notice a bug like this? They need to improve their beta testing, and/or increase the time for development. Nowadays I never update after a new version comes out. I wait a few days and go straight to the apparently mandatory 0.1 build. I guess Mozilla is too busy with “protecting” people from a deeply hostily internet by deciding which news is “fake”, and by partnering with pro-censorship groups.

  2. Dave

    Once again Mozilla removes a beloved feature though no one asked. (To many the disappearance of “one click” was a blessing)


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