Finally: Skype for Linux Alpha 1.10 supports 1-to-1 video calls

Microsoft today released Skype for Linux Alpha version 1.10. This new application is a completely redesigned Skype version which has nothing common with the previously available Skype 4.3. Finally, Skype for Linux got support for 1-to-1 video calls.

As of this writing, the application supports 1-on-1 video calls only between Skype for Linux Alpha clients. Also, this update disables the ability to connect with older versions of Skype for Linux Alpha 1.1 - 1.6. Those users will be asked to update to the latest version.

skype-linux-largeThis is all that is new about Skype for Linux Alpha 1.10.

Use the following links to download it: DEB | RPM

To give it a try, do the following.

  1. Point your browser here: Skype for Linux Alpha
  2. Download and install the appropriate package. Skype installing
  3. Open the apps menu and run it from there. Skype installed

Skype started

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