Disable Updates Are Available Popup In Windows 10

When updates are available, Windows 10 sometimes shows a big fullscreen popup with the "Get updates" button. The bad thing about this popup is that it locks all input. You cannot switch to other apps and you cannot even use the Alt+Tab until you click the Get Updates button. This is very annoying. Here is how you can get rid of the "Updates are available" popup in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Updated Are Available Popup The popup appears when Windows Update is set to notify only. This option can be set in Enterprise editions of Windows 10 or using Winaero Tweaker. This fullscreen modal popup is a new kind of system notification in Windows 10. When such a notification appears, it shows the message on top of all other apps. Even if you are in some fullscreen app, e.g. some game or the Edge browser playing something fullscreen, the notification appears on top of it. You have no other option but to click the button to get updates. Even if you press the Esc key at this point, it will open Windows Update!

This situation is very frustrating for many users. A lot of users would like to disable these kinds of annoying notifications.

These notifications are produced by two executable files, musnotification.exe and musnotificationux.exe, which are both located in the folder c:\Windows\System32. If you restrict system access to them, these notifications won't appear. Here is how it can be done.


To disable the "Updates are available" popup in Windows 10, do the following.

  1. Open an elevated command prompt.
  2. Ensure that the console is opened in the folder C:\Windows\System32. If not, then type the following command to change the directory:
    cd /d "%Windir%\System32"
  3. Type or copy-paste the following command:
    takeown /f musnotification.exe

    This command will take NTFS ownership of the executable file that produces the popup.

  4. The next command will prevent the operating system from accessing the file.
    icacls musnotification.exe /deny Everyone:(X)
  5. Now, repeat the same for the MusNotificationUx file.
    takeown /f musnotificationux.exe
    icacls musnotificationux.exe /deny Everyone:(X)

This should be enough to stop Windows 10 from showing these annoying notifications.

To undo the changes you made, run the following commands one by one.

cd /d "%Windir%\System32"
icacls musnotification.exe /remove:d Everyone
icacls musnotification.exe /grant Everyone:F
icacls musnotification.exe /setowner "NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller"
icacls musnotification.exe /remove:g Everyone
icacls musnotificationux.exe /remove:d Everyone
icacls musnotificationux.exe /grant Everyone:F
icacls musnotificationux.exe /setowner "NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller"
icacls musnotificationux.exe /remove:g Everyone

That's it. Credits go to jingyu9575 of superuser.

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