Color Picker is a new module that comes to Windows PowerToys

Microsoft's PowerToys project for Windows 10 is receiving a new app. Color Picker is a new 'power toy' module that will allow the user to get the actual color that is below the cursor.

PowerToys Colorpicker

The Color Picker module will come with a ton of useful features.

  • Color picker appears when activation shortcut pressed (configurable in the settings)
  • Color picker follows the mouse cursor and shows the actual color that is below the cursor
  • Scroll up will cause Zoom Window to open for a better color picking precision
  • Left mouse click will copy that color into a clipboard in a predefined format (setting)
  • Changes cursor when picking a color (can be turned off)
  • Color picker is multimonitor/multi DPI aware. It respect monitors' boundaries and stays always in the view (predefined safe zones in top, bottom, left, right sides of a monitor)

It will be accessible with a hotkey, and will have its own Settings page in the main UI.

PowerToys Color Picker Settings

The color code can also be defined by the user. The color can be saved to the clipboard and read from the clipboard. Here's how it could look in action.

The today's release of PowerToys 0.19.1 doesn't include this new module. It is not known when we will see it in the stable release of the app suite. I would like say thanks to deskmodder for the heads up.

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