AeroRainbow 4.0 is out with Windows 10 support

Today, I am happy to release a new version 4.0 of my AeroRainbow app. This version supports Windows 10.

AeroRainbow is the software that can change the color of Aero windows depending on your desktop background's color, or by a predefined list of colors. It can also randomize the colors. Initially, it was designed for Windows 7 to add a more personalized touch to your desktop.

AeroRainbow can be configured using the following options:

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Windows 10 AreoRainbow

These options are as follows.

  • Always random color tells AeroRainbow to generate and use a random color for Aero Glass.
  • Use the colors list option allows you to add your favorite colors to the list. AeroRainbow will use them for Aero Glass.
  • Speed - adjusts the speed of color change in "Always random color" and "Use the colors list" modes. Left value means the fastest mode.
  • Use wallpaper as color source mode tells AeroRainbow to use wallpaper as color source for Aero Glass. Windows will be colored close to the color of wallpaper.
  • Use active window as color source - windows will be colored close to the color of the current active window.
  • Use only icon color  - use the active window's icon as the color source for Aero instead of the window itself.
  • Color calculation mode define which color of the wallpaper, active window or active window icon has to be used as the Aero color. It can be the Dominant color in the color source or the average color.

Use tray icon: When the tray icon is disabled, then AeroRainbow will be invisible, e.g. no UI will be shown when it is running. In that case, the user can manage the app using its command line arguments.

aerorainbow /close - closes currently running instance of Aerorainbow. Useful when you have disabled the tray icon in preferences.
aerorainbow /config - opens settings window. Also useful without tray icon.


If tray icon is visible, it has a handy context menu.
Windows 10 AeroRainbow Menu

Left click on the tray icon to show the current and next colors.

Windows 10 AeroRainbow Preview
The "Next" color is clickable and will be changed according to the rules of the color change (see description below).

Some examples of how it works (I use the active window's icon color mode):

AeroRainbow In Action 4 AeroRainbow In Action 5 AeroRainbow In Action 1 AeroRainbow In Action 2

AeroRainbow is a portable application. It doesn't require the installation.


Driver Updater

8 thoughts on “AeroRainbow 4.0 is out with Windows 10 support

  1. Ryder

    This is working great man. I have one question. Any way to make it work on the taskbar/start menu/action center as well? It works perfectly on titlebars for Win32 apps, not UWP apps but it doesnt affect the taskbar/start menu/action center at all.

  2. Phil

    I love you! Have you tried Zorin OS yet?

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Nope, I stuck with my Arch Linux :-)

  3. Dechlan Hillard


  4. Pilau

    Love it!! Is there to have the color change instantly instead of with a cross-fade? In my opinion it takes away from the experience… Thank you very much for considering!

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      I can add an option to disable the color transition.

      1. Pilau

        Yes please do that!


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