Bing is now officially Microsoft Bing with a new logo

The Redmond software giant has finally finished the rebranding procedure for its Bing search system. The company today announced the name change, and also introduced a new logo for the search engine.Bing is Microsoft's very own search engine, which is constantly evolving. It is also notable for exciting wallpapers for the start page that change daily.

Earlier, we have already seen the branding change, but it was briefly available to some users. Today the company revealed that the change reflects the continued integration of the search engine across the Microsoft product family. It is now more that just a search engine, says the company, as it supports Edge's private search, Windows search, and a variety of search scenarios in Microsoft 365.

As for the logo, the new one looks as follows.

Microsoft Bing Banner

Bing Icon 2 Big 256 Bing Icon Big 256


2 thoughts on “Bing is now officially Microsoft Bing with a new logo

  1. Sargon

    Good, I’m glad it’s not just a plain Microsoft logo.

  2. Phil

    Microsoft is moving away from metro kind of


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