Allow or Block Third-party Cookies in Microsoft Edge

Here's how to allow or block third-party cookies in Microsoft Edge. Third-party cookies are cookies that belong to a different domain than the one listed in the address bar. This type of cookie usually appears when web pages contain content from external websites, such as banner ads. Edge allows blocking them.


Cookies are small files that store information about a user and their device. Thanks to cookies, you do not need to enter your username and password on sites after you close the browser. Cookies also help companies show relevant ads that are tailored to your interests and needs. Unfortunately, sometimes these companies abuse cookies and collect too much information.

Typically, the domain attribute of a cookie matches the domain that appears in the address bar of the web browser, so this is a first-party cookie. However, the third party cookie belongs to a different domain than the one listed in the address bar. Third-party actively used by ad networks and user activity trackers in order to provide each user with relevant advertisements.

By default, Microsoft Edge allows all cookies, including third-party cookies. In this post we will learn how to allow or block third-party cookies in the Microsoft Edge browser.

How to Allow or Block Third-party Cookies in Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. Press Alt + F or click on the menu button with three dots.
  3. Select Settings from the menu.Edge Open Settings
  4. In Settings, go to Cookies and site permissions on the left.
  5. On the right, click on Manage and delete cookies and site data under the Cookies and data stored section.Manage And Delete Cookies And Site Data
  6. On the next page, turn on or off the Block third-party cookies option for what you want.Block Third Party Cookies In Edge

You are done. You can now close the Settings tab in Microsoft Edge.

Additionally, Edge supports a policy that can be used to block third-party cookies for all users, BlockThirdPartyCookies. If you enable this policy, web page elements that are not from the site you have open in the current tab can't set cookies. The users won't be able to change the appropriate option in Edge settings. If you don't configure this policy, then users can change setting the third-party cookies settings reviewed above.

Block Third-party Cookies in Edge for All Users

  1. Open the Registry editor.
  2. Go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge key. If the Edge key is missing, then create it manually.
  3. On the right, modify or create a new 32-bit DWORD value BlockThirdPartyCookies.
  4. Set its value data to 1.Block Third Party Cookies In Edge For All Users
  5. Restart the browser if you have it open.

You are done.

To save your time, you can download the following REG files.

Download Registry Files

The ZIP archive includes two files,

  • Block third-party cookies in Microsoft Edge for all users.reg - this will block third party cookies in Edge and prevent users from changing this option in the browser settings.
  • Allow third-party cookies option in Microsoft Edge.reg - this will restore defaults.

That's it.


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