Aero 8 Glow – the best looking Windows 7 theme port for Windows 8

Aero 8 Glow

Mr.Grim, a talented designer from Deviantart and the owner of the board has created a really amazing port of Windows 7 theme for Windows 8. It is available in two editions - one with square corners and one with rounded corners.

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6 thoughts on “Aero 8 Glow – the best looking Windows 7 theme port for Windows 8

  1. Grumpy

    Windows 7 has title bar text aligned to left, and the twite “bleeding” under the text is very different – more subtle. Then on the right side of title bar background gert brighter (VIsible if low transparency and intensive color is in use). Could you please mimic Windows 7 more closely?

  2. victor

    that isn’t true, there’s one windows 7 theme for win8 that looks even better but it was taken down so you can’t find it anymore on internet


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