A new Share UI is coming to Windows 10

An interesting detail about Windows 10 was revealed during the October 2016 Microsoft Event. It looks like the Redmond giant is going to officially add a way to Share things between apps and a new Share user interface. Today this information got confirmed.

Here is a screenshot of the Share UI demoed during the October 2016 Microsoft Event:

windows-10-shareIt looks like Windows Insiders will be able to play with the new Share UI in the near future:

Peter Skillman is the General Manager of Core UX in the Windows team. According to him, the changes will reach Windows Insider Preview builds soon.

However, Skillman's tweet is related to another tweet which was about the Share feature of the Skype UWP app. This might indicate that sharing features will land in the Skype app first and not at the operating system level. In any case, we can clearly expect a new Share UI in the final version of Windows 10 Creators Update.

As of this writing, the Share user interface in Windows 10 has not changed and looks exactly like in Windows 8.1. The Share page which allows you to customize apps using the Share contract is disabled out-of-the-box and needs to be enabled with a Registry tweak. See the following article:

Enable the hidden “Share” page in Settings

Source: mspoweruser.


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  1. anon

    It makes sense. The rolling release model of Windows 10 allows them to manage legacy components more easily. The redesign of the Share UI was long overdue.


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