Tiny Windows Borders for Windows 8

Tiny Windows Borders is updated. Now you not need log off, borders will be changed right after the "Apply" button!
Tiny Windows Borders is my first tool what I have created according to users requested. There are many people who do not happy with large (4px) windows borders in Windows 8 RTM(RP,CP and so on). As you may know, Microsoft has removed the classic appearance feature from Windows 8 and you not able to reduce windows borders anymore without hacks.
Here is the little tool to help you with size of windows borders:

Move the slider to left if you want to disable huge windows borders in Windows 8, or set any border size from 1 to 10px as you like. Click "Apply" and you are done! For example:

Out-of-box windows borders in Windows 8

Reduced windows borders in Windows 8 with Tiny Windows Borders

Change log

Bug fixed: windows does not redraw itself properly
Live preview is removed to improve the speed
Added border padding slider
Added live preview
Initial release

Tiny Windows Borders in action

Tiny Windows Borders is portable application and does not require to be installed.

This app has been superseded by Winaero Tweaker and is no longer being maintained. Use the following options from Winaero Tweaker:

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RaymonVisual | 08 Aug 12

Thanks for sharing! :D

Bloker | 09 Aug 12

is it compatible with windows 7? and whats the minimum border width ?

Sergey | 09 Aug 12
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Yes, it is compatible with Windows 7
The minimum *actual* border size is 1px - it can be disabled (Windows limitations)
The minimum border padding size is 0px and you can set it to 0 via this tool

Vasya | 11 Aug 12

How it work? patch register or some system files?

ALEX | 08 Sep 12

yeah, I would also like to know how it works. Does it patch files or use the registry? Thanks.

Sergey | 09 Sep 12
Comments: 478

It is just one call of API function.
Nothing more, Nothing less.
It stores result as non-cleint metric in registry.
So, this software does not modify your system files. It uses API and the registry.

ALEX | 09 Sep 12

Thanks for the answer. There's an issue with the ribbon in windows explorer when you set the padding less than 4 (default). Black lines appear.

Brando212 | 21 Sep 12

the "on-the-fly" is a little buggy, but logging out then logging back in still stabilizes it

Sergey | 21 Sep 12
Comments: 478

Yes I know. I will try to fix it ASAP

iPad is sh*t | 27 Oct 12

Registry hack =


Anony-mouse :D | 29 Oct 12

how can i disable this one?

Sergey | 29 Oct 12
Comments: 478

set Border Width to 1 and Border Padding to 4
This is the default settings of Windows

lainiwaku | 06 Nov 12

nice, now you need to add border radius, transparancy, and aero effect :p

Sergey | 06 Nov 12
Comments: 478

oh, if I could...

Aggie | 01 Dec 12

You utter star, with one click that's sucked 99% of the ugly out of the interface.

zest | 27 Dec 12

amezing :D ty for sharing this !

mojster001 | 04 Feb 13

Nice program. Thanks.

Is it any posibility to add more settings, like in Windows 7 (or XP) under "Window color and appearance" (eg. scrollbar width, titlebar hight...)?

Manuel Flores | 26 Mar 13

Muy buen programa, Gracias por compartirlo.

adrianamurphy | 31 Mar 13

Hi - so I downloaded the program, how do I make my borders smaller?

Sergey | 31 Mar 13
Comments: 478

Use your mouse and that sliders to change the border size.

Jay | 23 Apr 13

Finally.... someone that made it happen. I've asked for this in some forums but no answer or thoughts about this came out, making me think that nobody wanted this. I hated how much space on our laptop's screens are wasted with dumb fat borders. 10/10 bro, thanks! One of the best tweaks windows 8 could ever have. Cheers!

BijaN-R | 08 May 13


I run this program in windows 7 and my theme changed to classic. I do anything to turn back my theme (installing VGA driver, Direct X, UXtehem patch and reset after all of this) but it doesn't work. and my system restore is disabled.

Please, what I have to do to fix that problem ?

Sergey | 08 May 13
Comments: 478

Your issue is not related to this app.
Check out that you Theme service runs properly. I have no other suggestions.

twnaing | 12 Jun 13

Cannot download from download page. The page just reloaded and no file downloaded.

Sergey | 12 Jun 13
Comments: 478

Try without google translate

Gunjan7 | 24 Jun 13

Thanks Buddy!

centoasa | 01 Jul 13

The app freez and not responding...

Passatuner | 19 Aug 13

Thanks! This small app made my life with Windows 8 more comfortable.
Don't understand why they made the border that fat.

Fran | 03 Sep 13

Wonderful app! My formerly clunky-looking borders are just fine now.

Taciturne | 14 Sep 13

tiny bug using Windows 8.1
1. set padding to 10
2. set width to 10
3. set padding to 0
4. apply
5. open notepad/calc/you name it
oops, width actually has an effect without padding

I suggest when applying, if padding == 0 then width = 0

gunter otto | 13 Dec 13

This is a welcome utility, I much prefer tiny borders (like Office 2013), so thanks for sharing your hard work!

RandyB | 07 Jan 14

Settings to not remain on Windows 8.1. I ran the utility as Administrator, and it still doesn't seem to be retaining the setting. Also, Outlook 2013 keeps a wide border on the right side - (not a minimized task pane - I have turned that off completely)

Sergey | 07 Jan 14
Comments: 478

I cannot reproduce your issue.
All works properly here.
Also, you SHOULDN"T run this utility as Administrator.
It should work you your account's registry.

RobertM | 13 Feb 14

Just a small bug report:
Crashes if started from a UNC path ( \\computer\share\TinyWindowsBorders.exe )

If copied to a local drive, it works well
Thanks for this utility (and your others, I use many of them!)

RobertM | 13 Feb 14

Just another bug report: I just tried to send the comment above without JavaScript enabled and got a "Internal Server Error"... After enabling JavaScript, everything worked... Have a nice day!

Sergey | 15 Feb 14
Comments: 478

Thanks Robert.
I know about UNC issue. Thx to Microsoft.
I am able to fix it.

Tim | 20 Apr 14

I am also able to reproduce Windows 8.1 (update 1, the latest version) not keeping the settings after a restart.

I don't think it's the utility though since even when I do the change by hand it is not retained. I think Microsoft may have changed something.

Tim | 30 Apr 14

OK, it actually looks like the settings are lost only when I change DPI settings.

Because of my set up I have to change this every now and then.

pedramfb | 10 Jul 14

found a bug
The application worked well, except every time I changed the border width the text at the top of the explorer saying the folder name (ex.This PC, My Documents,...) got smaller.
I didn't realize this until after so now I have very small folder titles and no idea how to change them back.

D|KΣWRΛ|TH | 18 Jul 14

Nice, well done!

pedramfb | 06 Aug 14

Because of my set up I have to change this every now and then.

Anonymous | 09 Oct 14

Well done!

VideoKing | 30 Dec 14

Oh yeah! Awesome stuff !!!

ANON | 06 Feb 15

Is there a safe way to revert to original settings?

noersetiawan | 23 Feb 15

Is it possible to set to border to 0 or 1 pixel? just like in Ubuntu or OSX. Even when both border size and padding is set to 0, the windows border is still 4 pixel wide, I checked it with magnifier.

Sergey | 18 Mar 15
Comments: 478

This app has been superseded by Winaero Tweaker and is no longer being maintained. Use the following options from Winaero Tweaker:

You can download Winaero Tweaker here: Download Winaero Tweaker.

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