Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner

Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner allows you to modify several settings of taskbar thumbnails in Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can adjust margins, size of thumbnails, fade in delay as well as some other options what inaccessible through default Windows settings.

Latest version is v1.0.0.1. See the full change log below
It is a free and portable application. Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner supports Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 and allows you to do the following:
  • Adjust thumbnails size
  • Adjust number of grouped application windows thumbnails
  • Adjust horizontal spacing between the thumbnails
  • Adjust vertical spacing between the thumbnails
  • Adjust thumbnail's caption position
  • Adjust top margin
  • Adjust bottom margin
  • Adjust left margin
  • Adjust right margin
  • You can completely disable taskbar's thumbnails.

Click "Apply" button to save your changes. Windows Explorer will be restarted.
Click "Defaults" button to restore all thumbnails settings to their defaults.

Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner in action

There are two versions available - first is for Windows 7 and second is for Windows 8. They are similar but one of them was compiled with .NET 4.5 to match Windows 8.

Change log

  • bug fixed: "Disable thumbnails" checkbox leaves them enabled at grouped taskbar button
  • bug fixed: possible crash in "Defaults" button

Initial release

Download Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner

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tchiro | 14 Jun 12

я извиняюсь, но где можно найти русскоязычные версии программ, очень мне они нравятся?
(I'm sorry, but where you can find Russian versions of programs, it is I like them?)

Sergey | 14 Jun 12
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tchiro | 16 Jun 12

жаль, но спасибо за ответ и удачи в разработке новых программ.

gomi | 29 Oct 12


This tool is awesome for Windows 8 to disable most thumbnails and et get rid of Aero Peek.

However, even if you choose 0 thumbnails, you will always get one if there is only one window open. If there are 2 windows open, it works.

Moreover, Window names are always SegoeUI, but my desktop is good ole' Tahoma. Could it be possible to use the fonts from the Desktop settings instead of always Segoe ?

Thanks a lot for your excellent job.

Sergey | 31 Oct 12
Comments: 501

However, even if you choose 0 thumbnails, you will always get one if there is only one window open. If there are 2 windows open, it works.

yes it is. there is a checkbox to disable thumbnails completely

Could it be possible to use the fonts from the Desktop settings instead of always Segoe ?

Sadly, but font are hardcoded in visual style and it is not easy to change them

gomi | 01 Nov 12

OK thanks

Nicely done. | 16 Nov 12

In the video it must be on the preview build. It is sad they got rid of the lovely Aero effects in the final build, they look quite nice.

mimmo | 24 Nov 12

sergey !!! hats off to you. well done !!!

Desert Turtle | 17 Mar 13

I rarely comment on anything, but the Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner for Windows 8 by Sergey is GREAT. I have tried for WEEKS to just turn OFF the damn ANNOYING and totally useless thumbnail previews, and Sergey's application killed the thumbnail previews instantly and left all other settings intact. Sergey's Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner along with the Power 8 free application have actually made Windows 8 USEABLE for people who actually use their computers for productive tasks. People who want to just 'tap tiles' on their screen and goof around like Kindergarten kids can continue to use the Windows 8 crap as Microsoft released it. Again, Microsoft has shot themselves in the foot by NOT including methods to turn OFF these damn useless features.

Sergey | 17 Mar 13
Comments: 501

I am happy that this app is useful for you.

I cannot even launch it on windows 8 ! What is the problem ? Thanks. | 15 Apr 13

I cannot even launch it on windows 8 ! What is the problem ? Thanks.

SS | 20 Apr 13

This Tool so GREAT!
Thank you for help!

love it | 04 Aug 13

any chance to change the fade out Delay??

Thank you

Dee | 11 Oct 13

Today is 10-11-13. I bought this new windows 8 PC and have been trying to get rid of those pesky/irritating taskbar thumbnail previews for one entire month! It's been one gigantic headache trying to figure out how to do it and then only continually keep discovering that nobody had a "cure" for this "disease". Then...VOILA...I found your WONDERFUL APP. I just downloaded it and went immediately for the disable completely option...anxiously checked it out...and IT WORKED! At last, what a huge relief this is...truly! Again, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL APP!

Guest | 29 Oct 13

Finally got rid of those damn thumbnails, thanks so much!

LeeBinder | 11 Dec 13

Hi Sergey,

are you able to add an additional slider to change the max. thumbnail size value? Right now it's 500, but it would be awesome if this value was changeable, too, so it can be increased

Thank you for Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner,

Bronislav | 16 Dec 13

Sergey, you have window aero blur effect in this video, if i'm not mistaken. Please say how one can get it in win 8/8.1. How you could turn it on? Looks good. And thank you for you job. Your small programs, your tweaks and tricks – they're very useful. Regards.

jonesy | 29 Mar 14

Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner was a bit difficult to find to download, with lots of other ads competing saying simply "download", but once downloaded, it was simple to check the box which said "Disable Thumbnails". Then it worked well on Windows 8.1

Thanks | 30 May 14

OMFG THANK YOU!!!!! No more stupid thumbnails blocking the controls of my programs. Mainly it was most annoying when using VLC. I've tried for months to find a viable solution to these uber annoying thumbnails. First I changed the registry to decrease the delay they have when popping up. Then I tried to find a way to remove the delay of them not going away when no longer hovering your mouse over them. I got so fed up with them I just wanted them gone. I almost feel like I'm using windows xp or win98 OS again and I love it. Thanks again I was seriously considering going back to Slackware linux just to have a more user friendly less annoying OS. Between this fix for win 8 thumbnails and the Firefox 29 update fix with the Classic Theme Restorer Add-on I finally have all the nuisances gone that make using my computer unbearably annoying. :D

Quick One | 16 Oct 14

Best software ever! Period!

throkr | 20 Mar 15

I stumbled on this nice piece of software today and I do have a question concerning the content of the unzipped folder :

- which is the purpose of the "Win8Native" folder ?

- should this folder been kept as it is (I mean in the same folder as the main *.exe file ?

Thanks again, Sergey, for your time.

Sergey | 21 Mar 15
Comments: 501

Win8Native contains binary files compiled for Windows 8, just with another .NET version.
If you are running Windows 7, then you can delete those files.

Anonymous | 21 Mar 15

Alright, thank you.

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