Alt+Tab Tuner

There are several hidden settings of Alt+Tab dialog in Windows 7. If you regularly use the Alt+Tab dialog to switch between windows, then Alt+Tab Tuner was made for you. It can handle all hidden settings of Alt+Tab dialog in Windows 7 and Windows 8:

Alt+Tab Tuner was released, please update

Change log:

    Fixed issue with updown controls when old style alt+tab dialog was enabled.
    Added "native" Windows 8 version
    Version update check.

  • 1.0.1
    Updown controls was added by users request

  • 1.0
    Initial release

Alt+Tab Tuner can change the following parameters:
  • side, top and bottom margins;

  • amount of rows and columns in Alt+Tab windows;

  • size of thumbnails;

  • spacing between thumbnails;

  • appearance of icons under thumbnails;

  • window transparency;

  • turn on old good classic dialog;
  • add fade effect when switching to desktop:

For example, you can make your Alt+Tab dialog like this:

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  1. lucas lima dos santos
    24 Jul 11

    Estou Sem Áudio no meu computador

  2. lucas lima dos santos|
    24 Jul 11

    u qui eu fasso

  3. ROELtja
    14 Dec 11

    I like the tool except their is one problem, I decided to turn on the old alt+tab dialog, just to try it out but when I clicked the reset to default button nothing changed. Now I'm stuck with the old alt+tab dialog Dx

  4. Anonymous
    15 Dec 11

    Uncheck "old alt+tab dialog" option and press "Apply"
    Thats all

  5. LucasSpain
    15 Jan 12

    I have a problem, I check the old style and now is impossible to change any thing else!! it´s old style always! what can I do it? I prefer the normal configuration

  6. Anonymous
    17 Jan 12

    Uncheck "old alt+tab dialog", check "autorestart explorer" option and press "Apply". It must helps

  7. johndoe
    21 Feb 12

    I can't get the column settings to take affect...

  8. Sergey
    22 Feb 12

    you have to restart explorer
    use included option in UI

  9. sss
    16 May 12

    размер окна не меняется...пробовал через реестр бесполезно!!! посоветуте,что делать?

  10. Sergey
    16 May 12

    Проводник перезапустить надо

  11. Anonymous
    30 May 12

    блин не меняется со старого стиля. фак.

  12. Anonymous
    30 May 12

    заработало второй кнопкой, ресторе дефолт, только не сразу, через пару секунд. так что не пугаться.
    автору уважуха, красиво удобно, и главное не тормозит, просто конфигурируем систему, а не плюшки всякие сверху системы.

  13. j_meister
    29 Aug 12

    Nice tool, and thank you. I used it to make the icons bigger.
    But now I notice that when I use Alt-tab and Aero Peek kicks in to preview a window, the previewed window appears ON TOP OF the alt-tab window, covering it up (until you alt-tab to something else).

    Is this a side-effect of Alt-tab Switcher? Is this fixable, short of disabling Aero Peek entirely?

  14. Sergey
    30 Aug 12

    This is not a side effect. This is default windows behavior

  15. Mr Right
    05 Sep 12

    @j_meister and Happy Bulldozer

    Nope that is not default windows behaviour since I haven't used this utility and my alt-tab is always on top of aero peek preview windows which is in background.

    So opposite of j_meister. (Btw I'm using windows 8 Pro haven't tested in Windows 7 yet need to reboot)

  16. Sergey
    05 Sep 12

    Try to increase the size of previews with registry hack/without this toll and you will notice same thing as j_meister

  17. Miss Clifton
    08 Mar 13

    Found a fix to the "stuck with the old alt-tab" menu problem.

    Simply go Services (from windows start menu), and restart the service called "Desktop Window Manager Session Manager"

  18. sM
    24 May 13

    It's like a dream

    thanks =']

  19. GI Joe
    02 Jun 13

    Transparency doesn't quite work in win 8. I cant get it to be like your screenshot

    1. The thumbnails also go transparent if I put it on 68 for example.
    2. If the slider is either 255 or 0, the AltTab background is always present and nothing is transparent.

  20. madhouserevial
    23 Dec 13

    Okay, it would be nice if there was a preview of what each slider does. Is there a video of what happens when you change each slider? So far I'm not seeing any differences which goes to show the GUI needs some help.

  21. Nemix
    24 Dec 13

    Thanks for this wonderful tool.

    I was wondering if you can add an option to make the ALT-TAB background color on Windows 8/8.1 the same color as the taskbar/Windows borders on the Desktop?

    Seems in Windows 8/8.1 the background color of the ALT-TAB switcher takes the Metro UI's color scheme which makes it look very out of place when using the ALT-TAB switcher Windows 8/8.1 in the Desktop.

  22. MIB4u
    03 May 14

    Nice tool, thank you Sergey! I will definately DL and use it!
    Just one thing: could you please make another tool for changing the Win+Tab options ...?

  23. Major Tom
    22 Jun 14

    Very cool tool. I use the old style. But after returning of the energy save Modus, there are 3 empty Icons.
    I am using win8.1

  24. Anonymous
    04 Feb 15

    Would be nice if there was an option so that you don't have to constantly hold down the ALT key the entire time. Maybe double-click the ALT key to be like ALT-Lock, or maybe after you press ALT-Tab and the switcher comes up, you can take your finger off ALT and just continue pressing tab to switch through the apps. You would press Enter on the app you want, or could press ESC (or ALT again) to cancel.

  25. Just do it!!
    01 Apr 16


    You can press Alt-Ctrl-Tab.

  26. [[ ISSUE : Can't disable OLD STYLE XP alt+tab switching ]]
    09 Apr 16

    Until the switch is complete, your ALT+TAB hotkey **will still trigger the old style**.
    As soon as it is complete, your ALT+TAB hotkey will trigger the new style.

    I've discovered that after hitting apply,
    you can repeatedly hit (spam) CTRL+ALT+TAB
    and the new style will appear as soon as available.

    This doesn't speed up the process,
    just indicates as soon as it is available.

    [1] untick "Old Style Alt+Tab Dialogue"
    [2] click "Apply"
    [3] Hold CTRL & ALT
    [4] Repeatedly hit Tab
    [5] Your new style will appear as soon as available.

  27. [[ ISSUE : Can't disable OLD STYLE XP alt+tab switching ]]
    09 Apr 16

    If it seems you have become stuck in the old style,
    and unticking the box and hitting apply does not work for you:

    be patient.

    This app takes a while to transition all the Windows settings to enable / disable the old XP style alt+tab switching.

    If you are using Windows 7:
    CTRL + ALT + TAB will only work in the modern alt+tab mode but
    CTRL + ALT + TAB will not work in the old style XP dialogue enabled by Alt+Tab Tuner.

    If you switch to the old style, then switch back to the new style,
    it might take 10 seconds or so (perhaps longer on slower machines) to transition.

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