Alt Tab Tuner VIII

I notice that hidden settings of the Alt+Tab dialog in Windows 8 are different from Windows 7. E.g., Microsoft has removed Columns/Rows and Fade effect settings, but added Focus Width and LOTS of other settings that suddenly does nothing at this moment.
I will post them all with descriptions in blog here at Winaero, so interested person can wait for the article which will come in near future..
Today I would like to offer you my latest application - Alt Tab Tuner VIII. It was written from scratch for better code base and full featured Windows 8 support. Alt Tab Tuner VIII is the successor of my famous Alt+Tab Tuner for Windows 7.

With brand new Alt Tab Tuner VIII you will able to change the following settings of Alt+Tab dialog:
  • size of the thumbnails
  • horizontal spacing between the thumbnails
  • vertical spacing between the thumbnails
  • top, left, right and bottom margins of thumbnail
  • icon size and position relative to the thumbnail
  • window title text offset
  • width of the focus border

Use "restore defaults" button to reset all settings to their defaults.

Alt Tab Tuner VIII is compatible with Windows 8 x86 and Windows x64. This is portable software and does not require to be installed.

Alt Tab Tuner VIII in action

Download: Alt Tab Tuner VIII

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TerminX | 23 Jan 13

I really like the various little utilities you've created here... keep up the good work!

throughthepanes | 23 Jan 13

It seems to not allow Modern (metro) apps show up in the Alt+Tab sequence. They disappeared for me, even though they were still really open (opening them again opened as if just hidden).

Sergey | 24 Jan 13
Comments: 501

It does not affect Modern apps.
They have own switcher (Win+Tab)

xpclient | 24 Jan 13

@throughthepanes, there is a major FAIL in Windows 8. If your Explorer.exe has crashed one, Metro apps stop showing in the Alt+Tab/Win+Tab lists and even the Switcher stops working.

Sergey | 24 Jan 13
Comments: 501

Was not noticed because I am not a user of Modern Apps

Janus | 04 Feb 13

You might want to add control for number of columns and rows;
after I used your app to make AltTab sized as I like, I used
Regedit > HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop > CoolSwitchColumns and CoolSwitchRows.

@Janus | 05 Feb 13

Those are reg values for tweaking legacy (old style) Alt-Tab which work only up to Windows XP. Vista broke them.

Fernando | 07 Feb 13

This is great, thank you!!! It makes it so much easier to tell what each thing is when the icons are a bit bigger. Btw, what does focus width and text offset mean?

begem0t | 14 May 13

Columns and Rows settings in Windows 8 64-bit work as of May 14th. Maybe MS decided to fixed it.

jruppert | 24 Oct 13


Would it be possible to add an option in this app that makes the alt tab menu default with a swipe gesture? For example, replacing the windows tab gesture from the left? Right now, on tablets, I tend to get messed up between metro and desktop windows. Often I'm looking to get a window with all apps separate not just the desktop alone.

Sergey | 24 Oct 13
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Nope, this is not possible

John | 02 Nov 13

Would it be possible to add an option to have metro apps to not show up in alt-tab?

Sergey | 03 Nov 13
Comments: 501

Sorry, this is not possible

madhouserevial | 22 Dec 13

I didn't see this before I complained about the prior one. This is awesome. However, the close button doesn't do anything so I have to click the X instead.

Nemix | 24 Dec 13

Thanks for this wonderful tool.

I was wondering if you can add an option to make the ALT-TAB background color on Windows 8/8.1 the same color as the taskbar/Windows borders on the Desktop?

Seems in Windows 8/8.1 the background color of the ALT-TAB switcher takes the Metro UI's color scheme which makes it look very out of place when using the ALT-TAB switcher Windows 8/8.1 in the Desktop.

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