ElevatedShortcut for Windows 7 and Windows 8

ElevatedShortcut is my project from the past. It was created in early 2010 and it was never introduced here. So let me fix this mistake.
ElevatedShortcut is a free portable application which supports Windows 7 and [now] Windows 8. It can create the special shortcut which will suppress UAC prompt in case if it is usually appeared, i.e application will be started elevated without any prompt. Here how it looks:

Latest version is ElevatedShortcut, please see the change log below

The key features of ElevatedShortcut are following:

  • Create new elevated shortcut or convert existing shortcut to elevated.
  • Delete the previously created shortcut.
  • Explorer context menu integration for exe, cmd, bat and com files.
  • Russian and English UI language.
  • All elevated shortcuts will be created using Windows Task Scheduler, so you will be able to use them even if you have deleted the ElevatedShortcut application.
  • An application which is started from the elevated shortcut will have NORMAL priority instead of BELOW NORMAL (like Task Scheduler does it by default) for better performance.

Demo video:

Change log

Added the "Working directory" option which can be used by application.
Fixed Czech translation.

Fixed a crash in Windows 7 x64

Fixed crash for empty shortcut target

Added Czech translation
Fixed Setting dialog title

Fixed issue with spaces in path.

  • AD/Domain workaround
  • Minor UI changes
  • Fixed application multiple instance issue
  • "*.*" as default option is "Choose a file" dialog.

Fixed 'below normal' priority issue for newly started apps

Added an option to convert regular shortcuts into elevated

Added an option to delete previously created shortcuts.

The initial release.

Download: ElevatedShortcut for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Donate options for satisfied users:

Anonymous | 23 Oct 12

I disable the UAC ...

Anonymous | 24 Oct 12

does not work with spaces in the name

Anonymous | 24 Oct 12

file name i mean need it for Raiderz Launcher.exe

Sergey | 24 Oct 12
Comments: 501

Wait I will look

Sergey | 24 Oct 12
Comments: 501

fixed. Thanks for the report

Anonymous | 24 Oct 12

thank you that was fast

Anonymous | 26 Oct 12

does not load in windows 7x64.. 'stopped working' message

Sergey | 26 Oct 12
Comments: 501

hmm, WTF.
Wait, i will check everything again.

sub205 | 26 Oct 12

I can confirm the cash issue von win7x64. Had the same error while running your WinRAliasmanager from a unmapped network drive! Copied it to desktop - works!

sub205 | 26 Oct 12

but ironic, more crash means less cash on todays markets :-D

Sergey | 26 Oct 12
Comments: 501

Now I can confirm x64 crash too.
That because of wrong resource compiled with Windows 7 version.
I will rebuild Windows 7 version today.
I am sorry.
Had the same error while running your WinRAliasmanager from a unmapped network drive!

I can't fix that. I just don't know how. Use local copy of software.

r2r | 02 Nov 12

win8 nor working, creates ordinary shortcuts no elevation request screen, no extra elevation icon on shortcut, uac enabled

r2d2 | 03 Nov 12

r2r this is a main goal of this software. Read carefully:
ElevatedShortcut is a free portable application which supports Windows 7 and [now] Windows 8. It can create the special shortcut which will suppress UAC prompt in case if it is usually appeared

asd | 29 Nov 12

Very impressive program! Does exactly what it promises, no strings attached. Thank you sir!

FFL | 16 Dec 12

Works as advertised. Launches Applications without UAC Prompt.

Windows 8 Pro with Media Center.......

Guest | 29 Dec 12

I've tried out with Mojangs Minecraft.exe and Minecraft_Server.exe on Windows 7 (i7-2600-machine).
Both don't work. The shortcuts have been created, but starting the game or the server results in crashing and a "Windows error report is genetated" silently.
Starting the game via normal link works properly of course.
Any idea?

Sergey | 30 Dec 12
Comments: 501

What will happens i you right clikc on "normal" shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator" ?

prot | 20 Mar 13

doesnt work for standard user accounts.

im trying to run peerblock from windows startup by using this under standard account but doesnt work
when creating the shortcut while logged in as admin it works but when goign to standard account and trying to run it fails.. any help??

Error message ver. 7 | 23 Mar 13

I get an error which I do not understand

Could not load file or assembly 'Inerop WshRuntimeLibrary,Version= Culture=neutral. PublicKey Token=null' or one of its dependencies. The system can not find the file specified.

Sergey | 23 Mar 13
Comments: 501

The Interop.IWshRuntimeLibrary.dll file is REQUIRED to run the app under Windows 7
Use application from the "Windows 7" folder. It already has everything required.
For Windows 8, use the app from the Windows 8 folder.

Worked great ... then stopped? | 26 Mar 13

When I first trreid it the shortcuts worked great. The after a day or two the elevated shortcuts didn't work at all. When i clicked on them -> nothing opened - just dead.
I use CCleaner and Wise's Disk Cleaner on a daily basis. Is there something that I am deleting that should be left?

Sergey | 27 Mar 13
Comments: 501

Looks like some of those app has deleted task sheduller's task which Elevated Shortcut uses for own purposes.

tom | 02 Apr 13

nice tool.
with 'surun' u can do it, too.
and u don't need links anymore.
(sourcecode is open )

Sergey | 02 Apr 13
Comments: 501

Which links you mentioned?
I need no any links

DyNama, Ohio, USA | 14 Apr 13

it works, even when i put the elevated shortcuts in Startup Delayer!

Scott_Y | 14 May 13

A regular shortcut opened its program in a maximized state. However, after converting to an elevated shortcut, it now opens as a regular window. How can I force it to open maximized? Thanks.

anonymous | 19 May 13

Seems to work. Thanks.
Could you please reduce the number of download buttons
and correct the description with regard to the supported
Windows versions?
Thanks again.

Sergey | 19 May 13
Comments: 501

What is wrong with description?
Regarding to download buttons: I have implemented new version of web site. When I will 'release' it into public, the amount of download buttons will be reduced.

anonymous | 04 Jul 13

Sorry, Sergey, for the late reply.
I don't remember the mismatch.
Nevertheless, your program compensates for the little inconvenience.
It works nice on Windows 8 Pro.
So I will click the one and only donate button ;-)

erngab | 23 Aug 13

In admin account work OK, in standard user not work.
Is somehow possibly to work in standard user accounts?

Mat | 29 Aug 13

Thanks ! it works perfectly under Win7 ! I got rid of these annoying pop-up ! without security breach ...

Very nice
(The numerous so-called "download buttons" are Google ads ... : just need to be careful when choosing the button :-)

bobsobol | 11 Sep 13

I guess that anonymous 19 May may be referring to the fact that this should work on Vista? Very little changed at API level between Vista and 7, so....

@erngab: Elevating the token of a standard user does nothing. Their token is not powerful enough to do anything that an Admin cannot do without elevating. So, no. What you are looking for is called "Run As", because a standard user will need to use alternative credentials (those of an administrator) in order to achieve anything which requires elevation anyway.

Joco1114 | 15 Sep 13

Is it possible to make elevated shortcuts from command line with this tool?

Razor011 | 12 Dec 13

This does not work for me.

ega2002 | 17 Jan 14

Doesn't work for me too (task is not created) in Win8.1 x64 Pro

proclaimation | 26 Feb 14

creates shortcuts but the shortcuts do nothing on Windows 7 Home.

stefanossts@gmail.com | 04 Mar 14

I cannot make it work for spybot 1.6.2 and peerblock 1.2!!! The new shortcut launches a cmd window that instantly closes...

stefanossts@gmail.com | 01 May 14

My final conclusion is that this application and the type of shortcuts it makes won't work if the built in administrator account isn't enabled.

Looxl | 09 May 14

Dosn't work with Win8.1Pro x64. Task is created but after start no app-windows comes up.

Harry | 12 Jun 14

Just installed ElevatedShortcut on a USB stick, and ran it on my Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) computer. I used the 'Modify Shortcut' option on 4 programs. It works perfectly, and suppresses the UAC prompt as it should. Thanks for creating this great time saving utility.

I also like that you create the elevated shortcuts using Windows Task Scheduler, so I can export them for safe keeping.

But I notice that you install your elevated shortcuts in the main "Task Scheduler Library' folder, rather than in a sub-folder, where it would be easier to not mistake what they are. I have created such a sub-folder.

My question is: can I move these 4 elevated shortcuts to that sub-folder by dragging them, or use Export/Import to do so? I don't know if your code specifies where the shortcut files are stored, and therefore could not find the elevated shortcuts if they were moved.

Anonymous | 24 Jun 14

Application creates shortcuts but I would prefer if it would start becoming the top-most window on my desktop(focus). After run deskop shortcut created focus remain on shortcut not aplication lunched. I create a shortcut for an old DOS apps in Win7 32.

Anonymous | 01 Jul 14

I just tried to use the application to allow a standard user to run the c:\windows\system32\tabcal.exe application on a Windows 8.1 Pro tablet so they can calibrate the screen to the stylus. The shotcut was created, but when I try to run it nothing happens, any ideas?

jogold | 31 Jul 14

will this work on Win8 64bit Standard accounts?
will this work on Win8 64bit Child accounts?
on win7 it worked like a charm

Paco | 13 Aug 14

I created 3 shortcuts but the latter ones overwrote the previous. All had the same "Task name" y ElevatedShortcut

path in the first shortcut was:

path in second one was:
c:\4nt\4NT.exe /K "C:\4nt\Apagar_en_3h.btm 1"

path in third one was:
c:\4nt\4NT.exe /K "C:\4nt\Apagar_en_3h.btm"

The task for all three was created as "elevated_4NT_tn4C", so they all did the same thing.

Guest | 30 Aug 14

Can you PLEASE create the options to use this program with command line. (sorry for the bad english, i am german). What I mean is:

if i open cmd.exe (or any program that supports command lines for that matter), i want to be able to type something like this and create an elevated shortcut:
elevatedshortcut.exe -m /tp "c:\targetpath\file.exe" /wd "c:\working directory" /sl "c:\shortcutlocation"

stsaerox | 26 Jan 15

I want to create shortcuts like "C:\Windows\System32\net.exe start uxsms" but this app does not work with it.

Guest | 02 Feb 15

Works for me! Brilliant little utility. Prior to this I spent hours trying to get one program to run without asking for permission. A couple of clicks with this and the job is done. (Windows 7 Pro.) Thanks!!

Marm70 | 03 Mar 15

Yes it's supper, but it isn't working with users who aren't administrator permission... Can You try it ?

Marm70 | 09 Mar 15

Have You any idea, Sergey? I have many laptops I set them users permission and sometimes I must connect to them through remote app and can't. I do not want to give them admin password every time. (Sorry for my english...)

tim | 14 Mar 15

Hi, the context-menu dont work with Windows 8.1 Pro. Altough it works without context-menu.

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