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How to enable the old Volume control in Windows 10

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Windows 10 introduced a new style of items and their panes/flyouts which open from the notification area. All of the applets which open from the system tray are different now. This includes the Date/Time pane, the Action Center, the Network pane and even the volume control! Once you click the sound icon in the system tray, the new volume indicator will appear on the screen. If you do not like how it looks and works, it is possible to restore the previous sound volume control which was available in Windows 8 and Windows 7 with a simple Registry tweak. In this article, we will see how to enable the old volume control in Windows 10.

At the moment of this writing, Windows 10 has a working Registry tweak which, when applied, allows you to switch between the old and new volume indicator. If you are not happy with the new sound applet, here is how you can enable the old Volume control in Windows 10.

To restore the old volume applet in Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Open Registry Editor.
  2. Go to the following Registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\MTCUVC

    Tip: See how to jump to the desired Registry key with one click.
    Create the MTCUVC subkey if you do not have it.

  3. Create a new 32-bit DWORD value named EnableMtcUvc and leave its value as 0. Windows 10 enable old volume control applet
  4. Sign out and log in back to your Windows account. Alternatively, you can just restart the Explorer shell. Actually, for many users this tweak works instantly, so try to click the speaker systray icon first.

Windows 10 new volume control applet
Windows 10 old volume control applet
You can download ready-to-use Registry files (*.reg) to avoid manual Registry editing.

Download ready-to-use Registry files


If you want to avoid Registry editing, use Winaero Tweaker.

Winaero Tweaker old volume indicator It has the appropriate option in the "appearance" section. You can download Winaero Tweaker here:
Download Winaero Tweaker | The list of Winaero Tweaker features | Winaero Tweaker FAQ

That's it. Tell us in the comments which volume control applet you like more - the new one from Windows 10 or the old one?

40 thoughts on “How to enable the old Volume control in Windows 10

  1. Vikas

    Thank you for the tip, for a desktop user it is still better option.

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  2. MDJ

    Why new Volume control is bad? I can‘t understand why a lot of people are so strictly attached to old-fashioned Windows elements.

    Poorly-rated. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 10 Thumb down 44

    1. 31428571J

      Because ‘up’ is for ‘up’ (louder) and ‘down’ is for ‘down’ (quieter) :-)

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 5

    2. L-Dog

      Personal preference, but the old one would also show the dynamic range for each track so it’s handy as a quick guide for anyone interested in DJing or producing.

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  3. EBIN

    What the hell. So the new one drops the Mixer option completely? Wow just wow.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 14 Thumb down 11

  4. John

    Thanks for making all of these tutorials, would you possibly be able to make a tutorial showing how to change the number of columns in a start menu group from three to four?

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  5. Rudolph

    Thanks I was searching for this some time, I hope you will post more of these tweaks, this could be also very useful, now I have to scroll through that sidebar… – resizing winexplorer sidebar – http://i.imgur.com/urlEpLr.png

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  6. Felix

    So this tweak worked fine, but why doesn’t the mixer setting stay open the way it did in Win 7? I always want to see the different sound sources so I can easily tune them they way I need it (for example when skyping or watching a movie while playing a game). As it is now I always have to click on the sound icon then click on “mixer” and then I finally can change the levels… Is there any way as of now to change this to the old style?

    It might only be a single additional click, but if you’re a gamer who constantly uses at least 2 different sound sources, it is annoying as hell. If I find more stuff like this that I absolutely hate, I might even switch back to Win 7…

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    1. Felix

      Ok forget it, I got a bit confused, it is now the same way it used to be in Win 7. Thanks for the awesome guide ;)

      Still, I went back to Win 7 for now as some features and programs don’t seem to work that well right now. Hopefully patches and service packs will fix this soon.

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  7. Dave Cunningham

    What would have possessed MS to change the volume control ? It is moronic and unnecessary screwing around like this that puts people off software companies. Ridiculous.

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    Thanks very much for this helpful tip! Left-to-right is very awkward, especially with a mouse wheel that is running vertically with respect to the screen.

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  9. tsd

    Thanks heaps for this tip.

    I was having trouble with the new volume control failing to pop up after a while when my laptop was connected and then reconnected to various projectors over a period of time. This then made it difficult to adjust the sound volume without having to open other sound apps on the screen (not what you want when giving presentations).

    This fixed the problem. :o)

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  10. xxOnlinexx

    I needed this to unmute Chrome because apparently the new volume control didn’t have the sound mixer anymore. Now that I unmuted it, it would like to have the new one back. How do I undo it?

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  11. david

    it worked great, only complaint is that there is no animation for current playing media, ie a little shadow that bounced inside the mixer box to depict playing levels. any fix for this? <3

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    1. david

      * im a dummy, i fixed it myself by editing windows for best appearance. Doing this brings back bouncy shadow – nvm you guys XD
      I like the shadow dammit stop judging me

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  12. Andy

    This worked for me, however it doesn’t open the mixer by default, only the master volume control. Is there any way I could make it so that the mixer is opened by default?


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