Overlay Scroll Bars In Edge

Windows 11-style overlay scrollbars are coming to Google Chrome

Microsoft is about to contribute the overlay scrollbars style they implemented in Edge to the underlying Chromium project. Once the patch will be accepted, Chrome on Windows will get scrollbars that go well with the appearance of Windows 11.

Besides the stylish look, the patch includes a fix for a bug that affects Win11-style scrollbars when YouTube is in full screen mode. Microsoft engineers are about to resolve the bug first before the update reaches users of Chrome.

While we don't have any demo of how the new scrollbars look in Chrome, it is safe to assume that it will have the appearance similar to Edge. In Edge, it looks as follows.

Overlay Scroll Bars In Edge

It is easy to enable these new scrollbars with a flag by following the steps here.

Chromium (and Chrome) include their own overlay scrollbars implementation which actually doesn't look nice on the most recent Windows version.

It is nice to see Microsoft working on unifying the appearance of Chromium. Perhaps other Chromium-based projects will benefit from having the updated scrollbars once they switch to a newer browser engine version.

As for its own browser, Edge, Microsoft has recently added a number of interesting features. One of them allows you to follow YouTubers via Collections, and others include a new sidebar with quick actions, smart text predictions, the updated passwords page, and more. But probably the most anticipated change is the ability to move vertical tabs to the right.

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