Windows 10 users now see full-screen upgrade prompts to get Windows 11

Windows 11 Upgrade Popup One

Windows 10 users now see full-screen notifications urging them to upgrade to Windows 11. These notifications have started to appear after an update released in January 2024.

Sadly, it is not the first time when Microsoft pushes such upgrade prompts. They were first introduced in Windows 10 era when Microsoft tried to move Windows 7 and 8 users on then-new OS. Finally, in February 2023, Windows 10 users already seen full-screen notifications urging them to upgrade to Windows 11. So this practice continues.


Despite over two years passing since the release of Windows 11, a significant number of users are still using the previous version of the operating system. In light of this, Microsoft has announced that support for Windows 10 will end on October 14, 2025.

Microsoft is showing full-screen notifications again, urging Windows 10 users to upgrade

Microsoft is now once again promoting Windows 11 through a four-page pop-up window.

  • The first screen informs users that they can transition to Windows 11 for free, with the setup happening in the background to avoid interrupting their work.
  • On the second screen, Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 11 due to its smooth transition and easy-to-adapt design.
  • The third screen presents Windows 11 as an exciting update with a new interface, improved security, and speed. However, it does acknowledge that some Windows 10 features may not be available in Windows 11.
  • The fourth screen serves as a reminder that users can choose to remain on Windows 10 if they prefer.

According to StatCounter, Windows 10 still holds a market share of 66.43%, while Windows 11 has a market share of 27.82%. The market share for Windows 11 saw a slight increase after the September 2023 update, which introduced Copilot. During that time, Windows 10 usage dropped from 71.6%.

In January, Windows 10 users reported issues with certain applications not functioning properly on older processors like Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon after installing the January updates. When attempting to open an inbox app, users saw an error message: "File system error (-2147219196)." The issue affected Photos, Calculator, Movies and TV, Feedback Center, and 3D Viewer, and other apps.


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