Windows 10 New Start Menu 2020 Icon

Windows 10 Start menu received new folder icons

With the latest Windows 10 build in the Dev channel, Microsoft has updated the Start menu folder icons used to show the app groups. The change is now available in Windows build 20161.

Here is a quick comparison of the new and old icons.

Old icons:

New icons:

The icons look less flat, and follow the Fluent Design guidelines. As you can see in the above screenshot, they nicely suit the modern colorful app icons Microsoft has recently rolled out to the public.

The new icons are part of the new Start menu, which Microsoft today made available to more users. As you may remember, it was disabled for majority of the Insiders.

The company describes the change as 'a more streamlined design that removes the solid color backplates behind the logos in the apps list and applies a uniform, partially transparent background to the tiles. This design creates a beautiful stage for your apps, especially the Fluent Design icons for Office and Microsoft Edge, as well as the redesigned icons for built-in apps like Calculator, Mail, and Calendar that Microsoft started rolling out earlier this year'.

The updated Start menu has an attractive appearance.

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13 thoughts on “Windows 10 Start menu received new folder icons

  1. Zelanium

    Windows as a service — with the service being the willful destruction of trusted features, more spware and new childish icons.

    The Startmenu only looks better because the solid colored tiles are gone; the “fluent design” icons look like straight from XP. Vista/7 had the best, most mature and clean looking iconset — I might say so on a site named after the Aero look –; they are, however, convinced that Windows should look like Android due to their inferiority complex towards Google.

      1. Sargon

        I personally love Vista’s Icons (especially the glass folders) the most, but XP had the best sounds. Especially that “powerful” error sound lol.

    1. Sargon

      Yeah, but google seems to have an inferiority complex towards Apple, that’s why Android now has those awful “adaptive icons”. No different from the ugly square tiles of Windows, other than the fact that the shape can be changed. I personally hate all of these frames/backgrounds and I’m glad that Windows is ditching them. Now if only Android ditched them too…

  2. ZenTunE

    Am I the only one that finds the new icons horrendous? The design itself isn’t bad but the colour is like something from 2010. Awful.

    1. Ignoto

      I dont like these either.
      never been more disgusted of such a “surprise upgrade” after formatting the PC.
      And in true, I was searching the web for a way to change back. cant find anything, sadly.

  3. Bobby Doogle

    I like the icon but why doesn’t windows allow Icon customization, say change the color, say replace icons with a new set, no I’m not talking about replacing folder icons one by one, I mean in bulk. Something I love about linux. I am using Stardock Icon Packager to have custom icons and its okay, but why not support it natively and let the community provide tons of amazing icon sets.

  4. eli

    I find it so funny I only took notice of this right now, and started looking it up online if some malware did this to me.. what a bruh moment


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